June 30 – A rose by any other name

       This morning the Geezer Gator and I watched a bird circling above a school of mullet lazily lolling on the canal’s surface.  The wings twitched and it made a talon first free fall, reaching into the water, and grasping an unlucky fish.  It quickly ascended, headed to a dead tree, and had its mullet breakfast, devouring the flesh with great gusto.  I said, “That fish eagle is an impressive raptor, Geezer.”
      “You’re right Sandy.  Ospreys are efficient preditors.”
      I canted my head, averted my eyes, and fluttered my golden lashes at the old boy.  “Geezer, why do you humans have so many names for the same thing?  You have a rough time communicating without complicating it more.  Why not pick “fish eagle” or “Osprey” and let it go at that?”
      “That’s so we can talk about the same thing, but mean something different.”  He grinned.  “We humans are devious creatures.  Some words carry a meaning that’s coupled with a human feeling or reaction and people use that word as a weapon or as camofluage.”
       “I don’t understand– give me some examples.”  Knowing Geezer’s propensity to over verbalize I added, “Two or three will suffice.”
       The old Gator tugged at his nose and rubbed his mustache.  I assume that improves his cranial activity because he does that when asked to provide answers requiring thought process.  After several seconds he said, “Okay I have two.  The first is using the words Progressive or Liberal to describe a person’s political agenda.  Both mean the person’s beliefs lean towards socialism/communism and lower standards of human social behavior.  Progressive makes that agenda sound good and forward moving rather than blessing retrograde sexual behavior, the loss of individual freedoms, etc., that it’s taken civilization thousands of years to evolve from.”
       I nodded, not wishing to get into a right versus left discussion.  “Another please.”
       “Here’s one you’ve asked about.  Populist versus Democracy.  They both mean the majority of the population supports an idea or policy.  If the topic is one a politician or commentator agrees with, the peoples view-point is democracy in action.  However, if they disagree they call it a populist idea, indicatiing it’s popular with the majority of the misguided, uninformed public.”
       “Like what, Geezer?”
       “Illegal immigration.”





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