July 14 – Politics, politics. Yuk!

        Steam city!  It’s hot!  I swear steam’s rising from the canal.  It isn’t possible to get away from SW Florida’s summer heat.  July starts the peak of our annual tropical weather segment.  June through September, 4 months of Hell, is the price we pay for the other 8 wonderful months.  That’s what the Geezer Gator says.  This year an overdose of politics coincides with those 4 months of Hell and cause a hot discharge inside our house that makes 94 degrees and 90% humidity seem cool.   When the Geezer watches television he scorches everything.  
       I enlisted Mrs. Gator to help me fight a running battle with the Geezer to keep the TV turned off.  It seems like every program is loaded with some type of political message.  It lights the old boy’s fire.  We’re on a campaign to keep the Geezer’s blood pressure down by restricting his boob-tube watching because he ends up screaming at the screen.
       I decided to manipulate the Geezer into giving up his morning and evening rituals, watching the news shows.  My conspiracy commenced during our morning chat on the dock.  I asked, “Hey, Geezer, why do you watch so many talk shows?  75% of what they cover is politics.  It’s the same thing over and over.  You said you’ve already made the decision to write in a protest vote for Mickey Mouse in November.  They make you mad as Hell.  You take blood pressure meds, aren’t you concerned about blowing a gasket?”
       The Gator looked at me with an enigmatic stare.  “I wonder myself, but I can’t seem to break the habit.  It’s hope, I guess.”
       “Hope?  Hope for what?”
       Geezer shrugged his shoulders.  “I don’t really know.  Well, I do.  I keep waiting for a viable third, and maybe even a fourth, party to appear.  The powers that control the media fight that tooth and claw.  I keep waiting for a enraged group of citizens to pick up their shotguns and…”  The old boy looked up toward the sky.  “I’ll join them”
       “Geezer, you know you wouldn’t do something like that!  Get real”
       The old boy looked at me through the cloud of humidity and sand-fleas that surrounded us.  “You know, Sandy, in the past I’ve always made fun of folks who talked that way.  Now, I’m so frustrated I’m damned near ready to do anything.  I guess if I were alone in my views, I’d be willing to say I’m the weird one and spend more time fishing.  But goodness, only 19% of Americans think congress is doing a decent job, and Bush has to worry about being stoned if he leaves the White House.  That’s where our vaunted 2 party system has lead us.”
       “Wow, 19%!  And, I know Bush is as popular as a skunk at a perfume sale.  You’d think at least one network or news empire would see that.  I mean, aren’t they trying to appeal to the largest audience to sell advertising?  That seems stupid.”
       “Walla!  So, when do you hear or see intelligent folks on radio and TV treat 3rd party movements as anything, but as a spoiler?  Or, when have you read a publication that doesn’t consider attempts to form new parties as a joke?  In fact, how many intelligent people do see in media period?  Truth is, the money powers that control this country want to maintain the 2 party system at all costs, and, guess what, they control the media.  Each additional party makes it harder to control their hierarchies, that means more election fund pay-off bags, and means they’ll have to contend with more boat shakers–that’s who creates 3rd and 4th parties.  It’s what the country needs and is being denied.”
      “Didn’t I see Fox interview Bob Barr this morning?  Maybe they’re becoming enlightened, Geezer.”  
      “Walla! Walla! Walla!  That’s a great example.  Answer a few questions, Sandy.”
      “How many questions did they ask about what his platform was?”
      I scratched my  ear with my paw.  “I can’t remember any specific ones.  I remember he made some general comments about getting the US back to the basics the country was founded on, but I think he kind of volunteered that, Geezer.”
      “You’re kind of right, Sandy.  Okay. do you remember the ‘Nadarize’ comment and words about how he’d be a spoiler for Mex McCain?”
      “And, do you remember the connection that the idiot doing the interview tried to make with, ‘the futility of the Ross Perot’ run for presidency?  They never asked what plans he had to make his candidacy succeed, did they?” 
      “I see where you’re going, Geezer.”
      “Remember, Sandy, that was Fox; they’re the highest turd on the dung heap.  It goes down hill from there.  Imagine if we looked at the New York Times or at MSNBC down at the base of the manure pile.”
      I thought I had him for sure. “Then why turn on the Tube at all?  Seems to me its one of those Star Trek – Borg things…resistance is futile.”
      “Habit and hope, Sandy.  I just can’t give up on my country.  I’ve seen what most of the rest of the world is like and believe me we don’t want to move in that direction.  That’s where the idiots are leading us.  I’m going to check Barr out.  If he’s got good stands on the issues I’ll back him.  That’s why I keep watching.”
       I twitched my tail and gave up.  I could see Geezer felt the same way about the current political situation as I did the time I spent a morning in the Vet’s office stuck in the kennel next to a Great Dane that ate garlic snacks, needed a flea treatment, and had a monumental case of diarrhea.
       Human politics.  Yuk!!

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