September 14 – Sometimes two isn’t enough!

       Wow, it’s hot in SW Florida today.  In our canal, the mother Manatee and her calf aren’t spending any more time than necessary on the surface where the water’s warmest.  It’s only 9:30 and the temp is rising fast.  Of course, the heat generated by the Geezer Gator ain’t helping.  He was watching Fox & Friends this morning and something was said that got his underwear all twisted.  Don’t get me wrong, we both agree Fox News is the least worst choice for watching what used to be news journalism.  But, once in a while something gets said that sets him off.  Let me reword–once a day.
       Gas prices were being discussed.  That stormy fellow Ike created a short supply.  After a rant about price gouging, Geezer resumed listening.  Someone made a point about U.S. supply and demand affecting pricing and that started him fuming again; I let him vent.  When we sat on the dock and he was more lucid, I asked why the melt down.
       The Geezer took a deep breath before explaining.  “I wish the idiots on TV would have some idea what they’re talking about, or say they’re out-right lying about the economy.  They talk about “our free enterprize system.”  It would be nice if we lived under one.  They need to reread Milton Friedman (economist considered the father of the capitalistic economic theory Reagen followed).  There needs to be strong competition with many forces in each market segment, free flow of capital, and no central control.  We don’t have that.  Wall Street and government inaction are the culprits.  Anti-trust actions are dead and that dooms our system as surely as the rediculous taxes and restrictions placed on industry.”
      I”ll spare you Geezer’s 30 minute tirade about the disconnect between Wall Street and Main Street, other than a reference during his comments about the decline of our economy.  Maybe that’s a subject for another time.
       “The talking heads on TV fail to mention that we exported more than jobs the last 20 years, we exported our economy.”  The Geezer was preaching to the Manatees.  “When I was traveling overseas, the thing that foriegn business people I visited envied most about the U.S. was the huge disposable income the bulk of our population enjoyed.  Since we created most of the world’s demand, we had real input on what we’d pay for oil and other raw materials.  Now the rest of the world is catching up at geometric rate because we’ve shifted much of that demand to countries like China and India by shifting production to those places.  We don’t have the power to affect pricing in the same way because we’re no longer the only show in town.  Guess what, Sandy, there are a lot more Chinamen than there are of us.  What the Wall Street idiots still don’t understand, is what Main Street is discovering, when you remove disposable income from the bulk of the people, the economy has to recede.  It’s trickling up now.  People can only buy and consume on credit until that rubber band snaps.  The demand we contolled which allowed us to manipulate pricing is quickly fading.”
       “Gosh, Geezer, does that mean we’re going to end up a second rate country?”  That sure doesn’t sound good.”
       “It isn’t.  It’s the price of having 16 consecutive years of incompetent government.  I’d hoped we’d get a good choice for President this time.  No such luck!  Now we have to pick bewteen a Marxist and a guy who is more concerned in protecting cheap illegal labor for his ag pals than the economy.”
       “You really think that we’re going to become a second rate country?”
       “No, Sandy, but it could happen.  We need to get two or three additional strong political parties to challenge the “Demonists” and “Republislimes.”  They’ve proven they no longer give a damn about the people they pretend to represent.  All you have to hear is the disdain Obama has for us average folks, “clinging to our religion and guns,” and McCain’s ignoring the people’s anger over illegal immigration and picking individuals like Graham who calls us “whiners” as a key advisor.  It’s too easy to control the two parties we have now.  The reason you hear so much negative about adding parties is that power brokers know they’d lose  a lot of control, so they fight it like hell.  Look at the networks’ coverage of “3rd parties”- all of them.”
       “What if we don’t, Geezer?”
       The Geezer reached behind him, pushed down on an imaginary handle and simulated the sound of toilet flushing.

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