November 5 – Thank goodness, it’s over !! … ??

       Wow, it was beautiful on the dock this morning.  Pleasant November coolness surrounded me and my friend as we watched the early morning sun reflect and dance off the gentle ripples lacing the canal.  The fish must have slept in for none disturbed the surface.  Something very fresh, very exciting, and very new filled the day; it was as though an unseen entity was being born.  
       The mystic’s arrival was peaceful and quiet.  Very Quiet!  I guessed the Geezer was depressed and that caused his uncharacteristic silence.  The election, one where he disliked both candidates but supported the one which he considered the much lesser evil, is history.  Bad history as far as the Geezer Gator is concerned.  As ardently as the old boy had supported the non-communist candidate, I was glad to see him seem to accept the outcome.  Though his usual smile wasn’t present, there was a serenity in his countenance I hadn’t seen in weeks. 
       He didn’t ignore me; he never does that.  The usual praise came when I did my morning sashay around the yard.  The pets and pats that accompany the words were there.  But, the conversation he inevitably starts wasn’t forthcoming.  I sat at his side and joined his stare at the canal.  He put his hand on my shoulder and stroked my coat gently.
       “You feeling sad this morning?” I asked.
       “No.  Why, should I be?” he replied.
       “You’re awful quiet and the election didn’t turn out like I know you wanted.  I thought, well…”
       The Geezer grinned.  “Better?” he asked.
       “Yes.”  It was a great relief to see my friend wasn’t distraught.  “I’m glad getting defeated that way didn’t get you in a funk — you know, depressed.”
        The Geezer smiled, cocked his head to the side, and raised an eyebrow.  His eyes burned bright with an inner fire I see from time to time.  “Do you think I’m defeated, Sandy?”
        I looked at the Geezer.  His posture, expression, and demeanor didn’t contain a hint of loss or surrender.  “No, I don’t think you are.”
       “Good observation, gal.  Remember this, Sandy, you’re only defeated when you allow yourself to be.”
       “And, you don’t choose to be, do you?”
       “I sure don’t.  Yesterday’s battle is just that.  Today’s preparation for the next skirmish is the important issue.  Licking wounds and self-pity do nothing to enhance what must be done in the future.  A wise general plans and prepares while his enemy celebrates, sleeps, and tries to assume control.  Our adversaries have done that.  That’s what I’ll do.  That’s the course I’ll encourage those who share my convictions to take.  Those compatriots are not defeated unless they choose to be.  They can, should, and will dedicate themselves to have their ideals reborn” 
       “Strange you should say that, Geezer.  Right before we started talking I had the definite feeling that this day brought a new possibility, a birth if you will.” 
        The Geezer took a deep breathe of fresh, new, cool air.  “I believe you’re right, Sandy.  Thank goodness today is the day we begin again!”


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