January 7 – Resolutions Progress Report

       I thought it would be good to comment on the Geezer’s New Years Resolution progress.  Another way of describing this would be “Missions Impossible.”  I’m sure Tom Cruise could make a movie from my human’s struggles.  “Mission Impossible #16”  –  sounds good!  It couldn’t be any worse than some of the waste of celluloid I’ve seen on TV.
       Back to the subject.  The Geezer’s effort to keep up with those not yet a week old edicts, I’d grade as C-.  I hope that designation doesn’t offend those of you who are part of the “Society for the Universal Culmination of Kindergarten through School – of the Elimination of Grading.”  That’s SUCKS – EG, for short.  It’s hard to say anything in this ridiculously political correct environment without a storm of protest coming from some group of certifiables.  If you don’t like the C- “indictment statement,” tough.
       Okay, the old boy made 5 of those dedications to delusions, his words not mine.  One is already in “Flush Town.”  So much for giving a supreme effort to self-discipline.
       I knew the first one was doomed from the second he uttered the words… “I pledge to share control of the TV remote time equally with Mrs. Gator.”  There are somethings each of us aren’t capable of doing.  Physically.  Psychologically.  The stuff just isn’t there.  I don’t know if the Geezer was lying to himself or just plain lying.  Certainly, the football bowl games and all the related hoopla expedited its demise.  That resolution didn’t make it through New Years morning.  The Geezer hid the “clicker” when Mrs. Gator wanted to watch the Rose Parade instead of a replay of a game from the previous evening.  Mrs. Gator gave him “the eye,” waved the white flag without a struggle, and he removed the “power” from under the sofa cushion.  Scratch one edict.  I knew that one had as much chance of survival as a cat dropped into a pit-bull kennel with 10 residents that hadn’t been fed for two days.
       The two that are in jeopardy are his resolutions to, “manage my anger better,” and “clean up under the house and get rid of the junk.”
       The Geezer has one of those strange tempers that boils over at the littlest things, yet he manages to control himself when faced with some crisiss you would think should send him into orbit.  If he drops the soap while in the shower, a daily occurrence, it likely will trigger a stream of four letter wonders, connected in various combinations, shouted at the villainous bar of Dove.  However, he placed an order for Mrs. Gator’s major Christmas present on-line.  The store has botched it twice, but he has retained his composure and control when he speaks with them, remaining focused on getting the problem solved.  He dropped the soap this AM and there was no shouting, just an inaudible murmur.  I give this one 4 or 5 weeks.
       The “clean up under the house” decree is as secure as a drop of water on a stone in the desert at noon on a summer’s day.  It’ll evaporate, the only thing in question is the time involved.  The problem is Mrs. G.  She capitalizes the PACK in pack rat.  For every box the Geezer cleans out, Mrs. Gator will find at least one to replace it.  After a while he’ll realize it’s as futile as trying to keep the tide from rising, and he’ll capitulate.  He will work at this promise for two or three months until inevitability overcomes hope.
       His “lose weight” resolution is likely to be kept for four reasons.  First, the extra 50 pounds he’s toting around negatively impacts things he wants to do so there’s a big incentive there.  Second, he’s done this successfully before.  He has a diet that works.  Third, he knows the extra weight’s health impact on his ol’ codger bod’ ain’t good.  And fourth, when the needle on the scale gets anywhere close to having a three as the first number, he panics.  He’s throwing out the potato chips, Reese’s cups, buying diet sodas, and has the measuring cup and scale out.  I’m betting he’ll make this one.
       Last, and the one I thought would be the first to go, was his, “to watch less TV news and not to get angry at the idiots on these shows,” resolve.  Surprisingly, he’s doing this.  I didn’t believe he’d give up watching Fox and Friends for two hours every morning because he really likes the three humans who host that show, even the one he calls “Brainless in Long Island.”  He’s sworn off Bill O’Reillycompletely.  It’s surprising how positively its impacted his humor…it’s now generally good, not bad!  I asked him about the ease with which he’s abandoned that habit.  He grinned and replied, “You know how NBC has the peacock as its symbol?  Well, Fox is adopting an Ostrich as their’s.  That makes it easier.  I’d rather watch programs that stand for something, not nothing.”  I have no idea what he means.  I wish somebody would clue me in.  It probably has something to do with putting your head where the sun doesn’t shine and somebody named Beck, but that’s just a guess because it was mentioned at the same time. 
       That’s the Geezer New Years Resolution Progress Report.  Two are on-line, two are struggling to hang-on, and the third is already in septic tank city.



7 thoughts on “January 7 – Resolutions Progress Report

  1. Well gosh Sandy, the problem w/Geezer is using Dove soap – he needs some manly Dial soap and life will get better! BTW, EmmaLou wouldn’t let her human make any of those old resolutions this year coz she knows better!

  2. let’s hope we all learn from the geezer and stick to our own resolutions….or at least make them incredibly easy to manage so we can check them off and be done with them.

  3. hello sandy its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo for stopping by the other day and also my dada sez he wil tayk the reeses peenut butter cups ar they still owt in the trash or is it too layt??? ok bye

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