March 3 – I guess I don’t understand

       Hummmm.  Sometimes you have to take a step up and look in the mirror.  Gosh, did I over-estimate my canine ability to use human language.  My last post, “Is there a lawyer in the house?”, was supposed to be a spoof on the wording used by our legal eagles, not a serious statement about politics or a serious effort to bring a suit against the Geezer or Fox News.   I guess I worded the post too realistically; what I thought were tongue-in-muzzle jokes were read by some folks as a real issue.
       Just to be clear I don’t need a lawyer, I do not need contributions to a legal fund, I wasn’t trying to make a political statement.  Some people read it that way.  Sorry my communication wasn’t clear.
       The Geezer said, “Sandy, I think it speaks a lot about our times as much as what you wrote.  People are so on edge, so polarized, and in many cases, so scared, they are dubious of what they read, hear, and see.  They’re ready to react defensively.  But, can you blame them?”
       “Geezer, I just didn’t think anyone would take the whole think seriously.”
       “Yep, some got it.  But, you see by some of the emails you received that some didn’t.”  The Geezer tried to look wise.  “It’s my fault, too.  I read it and didn’t see the way part of the folks would interpret the article.  I guess that’s from we two spending so much time together.”  He shuffled his feet and sighed.  “After rereading it, I can see how you could interpret it the way some folks did.  I’d suggest you look at it again and see what you think.”
       I did.  You can read it as serious.  I guess I’ll just have to be a lot more careful in the future.  Gosh, human language is sure more complicated than Doganese.
       Well, for those folks who come here for the reason I intended, to laugh, here is something I heard that should make some of you chuckle.
       Two men were talking.  Suddenly, one of them began to cry.  His friend asked, “Gee, Tom, what’s wrong?”
       The sniffling man said, “Oh, I might as well tell you Jerry…my wife and I are separated.”
       “That’s too bad!  Is it permanent?”
       “No, it’s just for 30 days.”
       “That’s not that long.”
       “I know; it’s over today.”
       The other man, Jerry, began to sob.  “I’ve been trying to be brave, but my wife has a problem, too.”
       “Oh, I’m sorry, what’s happened?”
       “I got a call from her sister saying my wife was involved in a drive-up shooting.”  Jerry looked distraught.
       Tom said, “Don’t you mean drive-by shooting?”
       “No,” Jerry moaned, “They couldn’t get around her.  But, that’s not the worst thing.  She was shot.”
       “Horrible, horrible!  Where at?”
       “Under the left breast.”
       Tom gasped, “My God, that’s a fatal wound!”
       “No, it just blew away her left knee cap.” 


2 thoughts on “March 3 – I guess I don’t understand

  1. Gavin and Patty say, “Dang, does this mean you won’t be sending us new Nylabones? Yes, Sandy. Sadly humanspeak is very complicated but it sure is a joy to hear them speak to us isn’t it?”

    Hang in there Sandy, some of us ‘got it’ and had a good giggle.

  2. Hey Sandy, as a girly-dog you should be very careful of letting your geezer make wifey jokes like that :P.
    Humanspeak is very complicated, I agree with that Sandy. Plus, I bet it’s way easier to rhyme in Doganese!

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