March 28- Camping, another reason canines are smarter than humans.

     Every time the Geezer goes off on one of his jaunts with his fellow fossils, I lose access to the computer.  That means no blogging.  I hate that.  The old boy has been on an extended fishing, camping, canoeing, and bull-shitting trip.  When he returns, he looks and acts like a well chewed shoe.  Typically, he lounges around, complaining about the aches and pains he’s garnered after ten days of strenuous activity his ancient body doesn’t normally experience.  That means a dark monitor and a keyboard in “Rest-in-peace” mode.
     He’s finally resuming his normal (for him) activities, including lighting up the computer.  I’m back at the keyboard.  All’s right in the world.
     Camping.  That’s one of those things wiser species, like canines, find hard to understand.  Humans make such a fuss if they lose power in their houses for a couple of hours, you’d think someone had revoked their constitutional rights.  Yet, they voluntarily wander off to the woods and profess to enjoy the privations to which they expose themselves.  And, they call Homo sapiens an evolved species?!
     After allowing the old boy a few days to recuperate, I decided to ask the Geezer about the mystic fascination camping holds for some humans.  “Hey, Geezer, why do you go on camping trips?”
     “Why, to commune with nature,” he answered immediately.  That meant he was sure of his answer or had given no thought to the matter, which, with humans, is often one in the same.
     “Don’t you commune with nature when we take walks or when we go in the boat?”  I knew I had him there. 
     “Yes, but it’s not the same.”  He looked annoyed.  He usually does when he knows I’m about to make him look really foolish.
     “How’s it different?”
     The Geezer squirmed.  “Well, you get to hear the whip-poor-wills at night, feel the chill of the morning breeze, see the stars and moon, cook out in the open, lots of things…You know, roughing it.”
     I didn’t know, but telling that to a human that was as fruitful as peeing on one of those electric flower garden fences.  I asked, “Hmmmm, if roughing it is what you want to do…” I hesitated, baiting the trap.  A wiser species would have recognized the ploy.
     “Yes?”  Zap!  The trap sprung and the Geezer was where I wanted him.
     “You say you like roughing it, but why do you take all that stuff with you?”  I watched the expression on his face.  It’s what the Geezer would call a shit-eating-grin if he observed it on others. 
     “Give me an example, Sandy.”
     “Well, why do you take all that kitchen paraphernalia?  What about the tables and chairs, cooking stove, and that sink center that opens into quarter-mile long food processing center?  Wouldn’t it be rougher to sit on the ground, cook over a fire or eat cold food, and prepare what you eat right on mother earth?”
     “Yes, but…”
     “What about the cot, the air mattress, the sleeping bag, and the tent?  Wouldn’t it be cooler, couldn’t you see the stars better, couldn’t you hear the whip-poor-wills more easily, and wouldn’t it be rougher is you just slept on the ground?”
     “Yes, but…”
     “How about the screened room you haul along…”
     The Geezer quickly interrupted me, “Ahhh, sand flies.  Mosquitoes.  The little bastards can make it miserable out there.”
     “But, isn’t that what you said you wanted?  Isn’t rough and miserable pretty much the same thing?”
     “You just don’t understand.  Say Sandy, would you like to take a ride in the boat?”  The Geezer changed the subject when he realized he’d been out-thought, outmaneuvered, and defeated.  I’ve seen humans do that a lot.
     “Sure,” I said.  Then I wagged my tail and let him know that I didn’t wish to embarrass him further, insuring I’d get my boat ride.  Unlike humans, we canines know when not to rock.


11 thoughts on “March 28- Camping, another reason canines are smarter than humans.

  1. He forgot the most important reason humans camp – preparation and training for the zombie apocalypse! but i bring my dog, since Mr. Pickles is going to be aces as a zombie warning system…

  2. We’ve been wondering where you went, Sandy. So, you’ve been camping with the Geezer, eh? The closest we’ll ever get to ‘wilderness’ camping in Singapore is East Coast Park, where you can get your Chili Crab fix with just a hop, skip, and a jump down the beach 🙂

  3. That is so funny! I saw a primitive campsite on the map at the place we explored this weekend. It’s a hike to spot on the map. Oh yaaaahhhh…I don’t know that the old geezer would want to climp boulders with all that “stuff” but it’d be very naturistic. HA!

  4. We went tent camping just once with our first dog at a state park, with a high wind and a cold front moving in. Someone had to stay in the tent at all times just to keep it from blowing away. Shadow, our dog, kept looking at us like we had lost our minds. I could tell she was thinking, “WHY are we out here when we have a perfectly good home only a few miles away?” We finally gave up about 11 and headed back home. Since then, our only camping has been in a travel trailer complete with kitchen, bathroom and air conditioning. And, Sandy, we went camping just because we liked to get away.


  5. Oh Sandy you sound as clever as Tango, constantly trying to outwit his human [me] and always got an answer for everything Next time he goes camping maybe you should tag along, and if the Geezer [how disrespectful is that] has any nous about him, he’ll take the keyboard along just to keep you amused.
    Thanks for visiting me. Camping and baked beans go well together don’t they? 😉

  6. Hey, Sandy, I’m Mr P, Older Eyes’ Siamese Cat. Older Eyes used to camp when his kids were kids but once they grew up, Mrs. Older Eyes informed him that it was over, that her friends told her to tell him that “Jewish girls don’t camp.” What would you advise?

    • Hi Older Eyes,
      Hmmmm, It’s been a while since I read the Old Testament, but it seems that a lot of Jewish Girls camped out quite a spell when Moses marched the people out of Eygpt. Tell her to try camping and be thankful she isn’t traveling by camel!

  7. hi Sandy! I was in your back yard last week. Well a few miles north.

    Camping to me is a bad hotel. Visit nature during the day. Sleep comfortably at night!

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