July 3 – The song says, “You must have been a beautiful baby.” I was! I was!


My human was listening to some really old music on his hi-fi. Major old. It was so old the plastic cover for the CD has iron hinges that creak when it’s opened. I mean, U-2 is dated, and the Grateful Dean ancient. But these bands… I’m almost sure they were exhumed from an archaeology dig, maybe Pompeii, or some place in Israel, or the Calusa Indian site here on Pine Island. No electric, you say. Come on, you humans haven’t figured out how the Egyptians did what they did. You know back when they were civilized and built more than they burned.

Anyway, the bands had names like “Guy Lombardo”, “Artie Shaw”, “Glenn Miller”, and “Count Bassie”. I’ve tried getting some meaning out of those names, but the thought process has turned up zero. I figure Count Basie is royalty from one of those small monocracies in Europe, maybe Liechtenstein. Oh, and maybe Artie Shaw painted in his spare time. That’s pure guess.

One of the songs they played was, “You must have been a beautiful baby”. I knew that before the Geezer told me what the title was. Back then you could understand the words when they sang. I guess there were a lot of distractions in the cave. He added, “That song certainly applies to you, Sandy. You were a beautiful baby!”

“Was I?”  I love to hear the Geezer talk about something I already know. Makes him feel good.

“You sure were.”

“That’s nice. You know I can’t see myself. The mirrors are all mounted incorrectly in this house.” Humans are an inconsiderate lot. You’d think they’d be more obliging to the other species in their houses.

“Well, we can take care of that.”

“You gonna relocate all the mirrors?” I got excited for a second.

“Oh no, I got lots of pictures,” he said. The old boy picked out an album and began showing me what I looked like in my frivolous, innocent youth. I WAS a beautiful baby. I’ve decided to share some of these with you. Hope you enjoy them.

Mrs. G and me at four weeks - me not her.

When I picked the Geezer and Mrs. G

The decision is made!

Me with my mom, Breeze, and my brothers

Mom and I were close

Nap time with my bros.

That was a long, hard day!

Yep, it sure was.

I'm on the left with my #1 bro at 10 weeks

Saying goodbye to my mentor/breeder

Goodbye Momma Breeze!

Visiting my older sister "Gracie" at 17 months

I'm the one with the tongue out!

The Geezer, his friend Randy, Gracie and me

And that marked the sunset of my youth and the beginning of my blogging career-so Walla, a beautiful sunset.

See you again soon. Oh, a PS. I’ll be accompanying the Geezer on many of his book signings for his new book, A Place No One Should Go. I hope I’ll meet you at one of them. Check his website for info on the book and in the near future he’ll post book signing dates and locations there.


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21 thoughts on “July 3 – The song says, “You must have been a beautiful baby.” I was! I was!

  1. Awwwwwwwwww, you were indeed a beautiful baby. We think you still are beautiful! Loved all the pictures. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Awwww… You really are beautiful! So much warmth in those eyes. What a kissable muzzle. I think animals are kinder and more loving than quite a few humans I know.

  3. You were a stunning pup! And Mom was a looker, too! Just be glad he didn’t drag out any of those embarassing ‘baby in the bathtub’ shots… My mom was fond of dredging those up when i was dating…

  4. Definitely a beautiful baby! I only wish I had pictures of Bailey as a puppy- but I take tons of photos now to make up for it. Wags to you!
    Bailey and Jill

  5. Oh Yes, I fully agree, you were a truly beautiful baby, and you had a very glamorous Mum though you’ve got a mischievous twinkle in your eye, Thank you for sharing they are really gorgeus, now I understand why you asked me if I had any, got a few of my furbabes, and will dig them out, time permitting, thanks for your visit.
    Woofs to you from Tango and Ruby

  6. Well, what a nice surprise to find that inter-blogger telepathy works interspecies! An you were indeed a beautiful , er, puppy. Thanks for giving me a look at Mr. and Mrs. G., too. It’s good to be able to put a face with the name. There’s a little Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw and Count Basie playing around here, too.

  7. Very cute! My husband and I are dog-lovers and have a silly yellow lab, who also has a “tail” and a “tale” of distruction. Her name is Dixie, but she has many nicknames including “goofy”, “Muttly,” “Dixie Chicken” and “Rock Hound.”

  8. Sandy, you were and are a beautiful baby! I love the warm color of your shiny coat! The humans sure are lucky to have you! I loved looking at all your photos! I have a little dog named Roxy who makes appearances in my blog and I’m sure she’d be buddies with you! Tell the humans that the last photo is absolutely stunning! I looked at it and had to sigh! 🙂

  9. Wow, Sandy, cool pictures. Now I know what one of my parents must have looked like. Nobody really knows, because by the time some humans found me wandering around in eastern Kansas, they and my humans were nowhere to be found. A Golden rescue group decided I was a Golden/lab and brought me to Colorado about two years ago. That’s when I got my forever home. Anyway, thought I’d come by and say hi. It was fun having another canine come by my place for a visit.

    Annie the Glab

  10. Sandy, you were a beautiful baby and you are still beautiful. If your old geezer promotes his book here in our part of the world, I’ll be sure to take Wylie out to meet you. Wylie posted on my blog today…the little sneak!

  11. I’m so glad you’ve decided to share puppy pictures of yourself, Sandy. What a cute bundle of fur you once were (and still are). You sure know how to pick your pawrents right! I hope you and the Geezer have a swell time at the book signing 😀

  12. OK..not fair Sandy….you are too cute for words! My doggie wants to take you out on a date over a candle lit Kibble and bark the night away into the twilight hours while Skitch Henderson’s band tickles the Ivory….

    Great Post!!

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