August 12- Here Gator, Gator, Gator! Gator calling video.


I’ve been waiting, virtually panting, until I could get some help putting the video below on my blog.  My tail’s been figuratively wagging off my butt wanting to share this with you all.  Sometimes I find four paws just aren’t enough when it comes to the convoluted logic human technology prescribes.  The Geezer is limited help on such things.  His rusted brain, which tries to stay current, needs assistance now and again.  “Gator,” his son, a big time engineer with Ford, came to the rescue.  The Geezer and his buddies are a bunch of outdoor types who go on a once a year fishing, hunting, and camping trek.  They call themselves the Graphite Avengers.  (For those non-fisherfolk, the “graphite” references a type of fishing rod.)  It’s discriminatory – no dogs allowed.  I really don’t mind—there are alligators around most places they go.  Alligators like canines, but not in a good way.  I don’t relish the idea of being a gator’s main course.  When the Geezer returned from his trip this year, he showed me the pictures so I could enjoy, vicariously.  Among them was this brief video showing off one of the group’s gator calling skills.  Take a look:


The “gator caller” is the son of my human’s best friend.  I’ll call him “Bo” since the Geezer tells me it’s bad form to give a person’s real name on the ‘net.  The picture below is of “Coach,” the Geezer’s buddy, and “Bo,” in their native habitat and in one of their favorite means of locomotion.

"The Geezer's best friend with his son"

The Graphite Avengers include the “Coach,” his son, the Geezer, his son, his grandson, and “Buddha” the Geezer’s son’s best friend.  The pictures below show them and what they do, and in the case of Geezer and Coach, what they’ve done for the last fifty years.

"Geezer and grandson and canoe"

“Buddha with a big one”                                            “The Graphite Avengers”

All those years provide my old boy with a treasure trove of material for his writing.  That goes along with his visits around the world (to eighty plus countries) and his experiences, including being a football coach, a business executive, and a fishing guide to name just a few.  The picture below could be a scene from his latest novel, “A Place No One Should Go,” but in reality, it’s from the camping trip.

"A Place No One Should Go, territory"

I’d love to go along on these trips, but know it’s for my best interest not to.  I’ve seen the Geezer display his gator calling prowess from a safe position in the car a few times, and it is something to view.  I’d love to see it closer, but…..  His descriptions of camping life, telling stories around the campfire, and beautiful sunsets like the one below are one of the few things that could even tempt me to wish I were a homo sapien.    Oh well, every human has his day!

"A beautiful Florida camping sunset"

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15 thoughts on “August 12- Here Gator, Gator, Gator! Gator calling video.

  1. Good one, Sandy and Graphite Avengers! Who knew chirping at an alligator meant “Come and get me – I’m yours!” in alligator tongue? (And I do mean tongue.) Is that fire coming out of his mouth or just the sun sparkling in the water? Don’t rock the boat!

  2. Oh, Sandy we are with you…we would love to go fishin’ but not where there are gators. We wouldn’t won’t to call any either although we have to admit that was pretty cool that Bo called that gator and it came. Nice pictures! Hugs and nose kisses

    • Rest assured the gator calling wasn’t done while the boys were in the boats Workmomad. They were standing on a small bridge.

      • I’m so relieved to know that! I married into a family where we have video of family members riding around a shallow lake in paddle boats going to see the local alligator, so, you see, my worries weren’t quite pulled from thin air! Fortunately, I don’t think they ever found the local alligator….

  3. Hi Sandy! I played your gator-calling video for EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer and she really enjoyed it but decided she’s happy there are no gators in her environment! Sending you lots of hugs & EmmaLou sends *nose taps*!

  4. Sandy, we have discussed gators before, I’m glad that you don’t go on those camping trips! Once when I was in Florida I was walking a Golden Retriever (what a coincidence!) named Woody. It was dark out and I was walking down the street when I noticed a really large, low to the ground shape in someone’s front yard; because the house backed up to a canal I was really freaked out. Woody and I turned around and hurried back to the house (I didn’t run because I know gators can move very fast and I didn’t want to tip my hand!) The next morning when we drove by I realized the gator was really a palm frond. But better safe than sorry I guess!

  5. Sandy! That was awesome! I’ll have to try that next time I’m at my daughters place near Sarasota! They have a gator in the lake behind thier house. You can see it sometimes about 20 feet from the shore. Now I just have to figure out how to make that sound!

    Looks like The Geezer has a great time out there. I’m a bit of a fisherman as well.

  6. Great post!! “Bo” does a darn good baby gator call. And look how effective it is. Either Mama’s coming to defend, or Daddy’s coming for a snack. Living in central Florida, I’ve canoed with gators for years, but I wouldn’t want to have them come TOWARDS my canoe, so I’m glad “Bo” was on a bridge. Fun video, thanks for sharing, and you are right to know you’d be a might tasty dinner for one of these big guys. Stay safe, Sandy! The better to fetch another day.

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