October 25 – Oh no! The Geezer will be impossible to live with – for a while.

     He’s back.  The Geezer turned on the computer Monday and this is literally the first opportunity I’ve had to nose him away from the keyboard.  He was off at a writer’s conference last week.  Would you believe it?  He won something.  One of his historical novel manuscripts received something called a Royal Palm Award.  I haven’t seen the tree yet, though he assures me that’s what he got.  All I’ve spotted is a glass-looking thing that looks like a trophy.  I’ll show you a picture of him with his publisher holding what I’m guessing is the claim tag for the tree the nursery will be delivering.

Neal and Rebecca Melvin, Double Edge Press Publishing with DL Havlin

     He’s won awards before.  Several in fact.  He gets hard to live with after he gets one.  Oh, he doesn’t swell up like a toad and brag…I could take that.  No, he has this s – – t-eating grin on his face, smugly staying quiet, basking in some “zone” humans contrive to salve their immense egos.  Unlike we canines that are as good as we think we are, a human’s false sense of superiority is hard for we dogs to endure.
     I decided to throw him a bone and congratulated him by saying, “I’m glad that you won something, Geezer.  A Royal Palm Award, huh.  You work at writing hard enough, put in the time, slam the keys — you deserve something for that.”
     “Thank you, Sandy?”  He tried to sound modest, though I suspicion he was acting.
     “When do they deliver it?”  I asked.
     “The award.”
     “Oh, I brought it home with me.”
     “The Royal Palm Award.”
     “You’re sure.”
     He looked confused, but humans generally are.  “You’re sure the award is the Royal Palm?”
     “I sure am.”  The Geezer turned back to the computer and began to send off emails to his friends about winning the tree.  The poor old boy must have become delusional.  I know he wouldn’t lie about such a thing, but the old wiring in his ancient brain must be shorting out.  He brought it home with him!A Royal Palm!  If he won one of those, I sure haven’t seen it.  And I should know!  I pee on the one in the neighbor’s yard everyday!



7 thoughts on “October 25 – Oh no! The Geezer will be impossible to live with – for a while.

  1. Sweet Sandy you are just too funny. The Geezer better keep that award up high so you don’t pee on it too, huh? Congratulations to him for winning the award…we think it looks like a nice one. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Humans get so puffed up about awards, don’t they, Sandy? Dogs know that a pat on the head, a warm bed and a nice treat are all we need in life. Nevertheless, I sure do envy the geezer his writing award, even if it isn’t as dandy as a real tree. Just finishing a book would make me swell up with pride! Congratulations to the geezer. He deserves to be proud!

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