November 8 – Saying good-bye to Missy

     I wish the Geezer could enjoy the good news he’s been receiving regarding his new book.  He’s received excellent reviews, all four-star or five-star (the best), on A Place No One Should Go .  His book signings have gone very well.  The book has been featured by Barnes and Nobles in some of its advertising.  Most importantly, purchasers of the book have been very complimentary.
     So, why is the Geezer staring forlornly at his monitor screen, his hands unable to create?  We’ve lost a member of our family.
     Missy…….Even her name was soft and gentle.  She was a resident of our family far before I arrived.  For 23 years she was Mrs. G’s closest companion.  Missy curled up on the pillow next to Mrs. G’s head every night and was more reliable than an alarm clock, waking her at five every morning.  Born in October 1988, the red-yellow feline was one of the gentlest animals God ever created.  I won’t say she wouldn’t hurt a mouse for in her younger days she was an excellent hunter.  But, to me, my humans, and the feline members of our household, she couldn’t have been kinder.  She was the only one of the four cats who were here before me that showed absolutely no resentment when I came.  Below is a picture of Missy in her favorite curled up position.

     Mr. B, her brother passed away two years ago.  There was a special relationship between the Geezer and him, as there was a special bond between Mrs. G and Missy.  They’ve left a void.  As the Geezer said to Mrs. G., “Do you realize Missy was with us over half our life together?”   
     If I had to describe Missy in two words, it would be “No Trouble.”  She never created a fuss or a mess.  The old gal was a wonder at her age.  It was only over the past few weeks that the thyroid problem that plagued her for the past several years, got the best of her.
     I hate to see my humans suffer so.  I’ve printed out one of the passages the Geezer wrote to a friend of his and I’ll place it by their dinner plates tonight.  I hope it will help.  Right now, my friend looks away so I can’t see his tears.  
     “It’s true that a piece of us leaves each time one of our friends do.  But, isn’t it better for us to enjoy those memories we share of each other?  No matter the level of our lament, the ultimate fact of life is death, and only that.  It can’t be changed.  So let’s, you and I, and all those who knew and love those dear friends, smile and remember…for memories don’t die.”  
     Missy you are missed.  You are remembered.  You’ll always be loved.


16 thoughts on “November 8 – Saying good-bye to Missy

  1. I am so sorry to hear about Missy. It is so hard to lose such a dear, member of the family. I imagine my Kaycee (Bordie Collie 1996-1999) in heaven, playing ball and doing her job watching over me from above. It helps me feel better, but I will always miss her.

  2. My heart goes out to you. My black little feline number, Genie, passed away unexpectedly a year and a half ago, leaving a terrible void. She was my friend, my confidante, my challenger, my champion. I still cannot bring myself to adopt another cat and, on occasion, still find myself bursting into tears. The thing is, animals love unconditionally.

  3. Hi Sandy,
    Thanks for your sympathy about our beloved Lucky Girl and now I’d like to return the same to you for Missy. She was beautiful! They become fixtures in our everyday routines and it’s so tough when they leave us…but, yes, lets smile and remember…
    take care, Lauren

  4. What a beautiful tribute to such a faithful, loving and beloved family member. Her long life shows that she was very much loved. Her body just wore out. She’ll be back in a new one, perhaps as a different species, possibly even human.

  5. Wow, I remember when Mr B died…

    Aw thats a shame – my condolences. I lost my cat about 2 months ago. He was only 8. I can only imagine how hard it is.

    Sorry I missed the signing! 😦

  6. Sorry I’m late, but I hope by this time your loss will be easier, [if possible] having lost or having said the lst goodbye to several dogs and one cat, i know well how you feel.

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