May 8 – Me and the Manatees – A dog’s day communing with nature.

My human always accuses me of being verbose. If I’m verbose, he’s loquacious, tedious and garrulous. However, I’ve decided to take his advise this one time and let pictures and videos tell the thousands of words I’d normally write to describe yesterday.

I do have to put my day communing with nature in some context. It started with me piloting our boat and pointing out the spots the Geezer could catch some fish for supper. While we were out on the water I had the opportunity to renew acquaintances with some frequent visitors to our canal. This time we met out in their natural element. Madeline the manatee is one of my favorite people. She’s kind, has a nice baby and fun-loving friends. And, I saw some feathered friends while on the trip. Here’s my trip in pictures:

(Hold the cursor on the picture for a caption)

As I said, pictures are worth a thousand words. In my case maybe 100,000.


8 thoughts on “May 8 – Me and the Manatees – A dog’s day communing with nature.

  1. Wow, it really looks like you all had a relaxing time. I love being out with nature. It makes you see the world with a smile. I love your videos also. lol The captions do the trick. 🙂

  2. There was a lot of snuffling going on in the videos. Did you have the microphone under the water? Or was that you trying to get a closer look?

    You really are beautiful, Sandy. All that golden hair! The Geezer has perhaps been sitting at the computer working for too long. It’s good to see him out and about. The exercise will do him good.

  3. Awesome! Sandy looks so comfortable on the boat! Gracie has never been on one!
    We will have to get back down your way one of these days! The manatees were amazing!

  4. Awesome! Loved the manatee videos…thank you so much for sharing. I was fortunate enough to see some manatees in the waters off the coast of Belize and it was amazing. Sandy…you’re too lucky to get up close and personal with Madeline and her big baby.

  5. Love the blog, Sandy! My Alphy won’t let me use the computer, but he writes about me now and then, and sometimes he gets it right. I dictate to him sometimes, and one of my favorites was about a boat ride, too! He does the embellishing thing a lot, though, so don’t believe everything you read.
    I asked him to subscribe to your blog; I LOVE your stories!
    PS: I’m not a duck. I think the avatar is some of his human humor. Jeesh.

  6. Wow! Thats really neat! While I was in the Tampa area I swam at a beach on Anna Maria Island and while I was swimming a manatee swam by no less that 10 feet from me! Scared the hell out o me at first!

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