May 31 – How quickly they grow up !!

How quickly they grow – if you can see them


     On my previous post I had a picture of Natalie the Night Heron sitting on her nest.  This is an update!  As you can see the eggs hatched and Natalie is now the proud mama of her (?) babies.  I mean they’re ugly babies.  After taking one look I had to ask her, “Natalie, I don’t mean to pry…but who is the father?”
     “Why Norman, of course.”  It was apparent she was offended.
     “Well…I…But…”  It’s hard to speak with your paw in your mouth. “They don’t look much like you or Norman.  Sorry.”
     “Look, Sandy we don’t have a cushy house to protect our kiddies like you had as pup.  The Geezer and his missus pampered you if I remember correctly, so you could be a miniature furball.  My babies have to be camouflaged so Sneaky B, the black snake, Ronny racoon, or Otto the otter don’t make a meal of them.  Tell me you could see them at first glance.”  
     I answered honestly.  “No I didn’t see the chicks until you flew back to the nest and fed them.”
     The Geezer walked up at that time.  I asked him, “Have you seen Natalie’s babies?”
     “What babies?” The Geezer stared across the canal into the mangroves like a blind bat.
     Natalie snickered.  I tried to save his reputation as an “outdoorsman” by pointing out. “Over there, in the nest.”
     “What nest.”
     It’s bad enough that human’s were at the end of the brain line when the Maker was passing them out, they were dead last in the eye-sight, ear, and  nostril lines as well.  I mean, if they didn’t have thumbs………….



9 thoughts on “May 31 – How quickly they grow up !!

  1. We could see them after enlarging the pic…great shot! We have to agree with you they are not so cute right now. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Without the mother flying in and out, one would not know they were there. Even when gliding by on the water, they are hard to see. Thanks for taking the time to show them off. They are so beautiful when full grown. Will you be there to see their maiden flights?

    • Hi France59, It’s difficult, but I have a prehensile tongue. Glad you stopped by always love visiting you! Sandy

  3. Hi Sandy! It must be nice having that nature right there for you to enjoy. I was in the Tampa area a week ago and actually looked at a property that had a canal and mangrove trees. It was nice. Next time hopefully I’ll get a chance to wander down your way!

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