Visiting old rocky top…

Hooray!  I’ve been traveling again.  The Geezer has finally realized that he simply can’t get his old carcass to function properly unless I’m somewhere in his close proximity.  So, when he took his last trip to Tennessee, I protected the rear seat of our SUV.  I got to go to the land of old rocky top.

It was my first trip to the North in cooler weather.  The temperatures certainly were a welcome change from the ninety degree days we’d been having on Pine Island.  My coat was tailored for this kind of environment…it was invigorating.

Another first was seeing the leaves turn from green to a collage of orange, scarlet, beige, pink, tan, and some colors that don’t have a name.  How magnificent!  I ask Mrs. G to add a few pictures to this post.  We stayed at Watts Bar Lake in the mountains.  Talk about different.  I never have been up and down slopes so many times.  The only thing I didn’t like – ticks.  Ouch!

While I lazed around the cabin, the Geezer and Mrs. G went on a couple side trips with their friends, Chet and Betty.  They visited the site of the Scopes Monkey Trial, in Dayton, where Darwin’s theory of evolution as well as the teacher who was brazen enough to teach it were taken to court.  The movie, Inherit the Wind, was made about it.  Personally, I think the whole thing is ridiculous.  Imagine anyone having the gall to say man descended from animals.  That’s too stupid for words until you realize a human came up with the theory.  Imagine me and the Geezer being related!  I like him, but I like my chew toy too!  Of course, my human believes that tripe.

Just to underline my thoughts about human inferiority, the Geezer and his group were excited and babbling about visiting the museum at Oak Ridge.  That was the “Secret City” of World War II where the materials to make the atom bomb where manufactured.  Can you imagine getting your boiler stoked about developing a way to kill thousands of your own species?  If you listened to the Geezer and his friends talk you’d think some great achievement had been reached.  We canines wouldn’t even entertain the thought of exterminating ourselves much less do it!  Human’s are inferior, and unfortunately, my human, the Geezer, is one of them.  I love him, but…  Well, we do have to look out for the less fortunate.

Leaves change color at Piney Point

Scopes TrialOak Ridge


4 thoughts on “Visiting old rocky top…

  1. Hi Sandy! sounds like a great trip! I prefer the 90-ish weather myself. Beautiful area to visit! I guess you can figure that us humans are always facinated with stuff and sometimes it leads us to places we never thought it would go.

    Sorry I’ve been distant! Will catch up on you other posts soon!

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