Here, there, and everywhere…I’ve been roaming.

It’s been a busy few weeks.  The Geezer, Mrs. G and I have traveled around the state of Florida going to events, meeting some of you and generally having a good time.  I’ve been to the Friends of the Library in Bonita Springs, the bluegrass music festival in Yeehaw Junction, the Whiskey Women’s Club in Fort Myers and the Florida State Fair in Tampa.

The Geezer spoke at these events.  I pretty much did as I pleased.  At Bonita Springs I had a chance to hob-nob with some of Southwest Florida’s nicest folks.  I want to thank Frank and Fran Gallo for making us feel so welcome.  Though I’ve heard the Geezer’s speech on the historical background behind his book, “Blue Water, Red Blood,” a few times, I pick up something new each time mainly due to the questions the audience asks.

Yeehaw and KD Bass’s Bluegrass Festival was a wonderful three days of paw tapping to the banjos, mandolins, fiddles and guitars.  There were so many fine people and canines there, getting to know them was a blast.  The Geezer and I met readers from all over the state.  And, a lot of visitors from around the US.

Whiskey Creek Country Club was the site of the Geezer’s chance to “show-off” is knowledge of Fort Myers history.  What a lovely, friendly bunch of ladies attended.  They were interested in his mumblings and slide show.  I have to admit the old boy’s mind was functioning on all three cylinders, the ones not rusted up.

Finally, the STATE FAIR!  Wow!  Double WOW!  I got to visit the frontier village built as a permanent part of the Florida State Fair Grounds.  It’s called Cracker Country.  How cool it was to see the human’s dressed up like their ancestors and performing tasks like bull-whip making, carving, forging, and candle making the same as humans did 100 years ago.  The Geezer was in his glory, talking to hundreds of people about Florida history and his books.  By the way, the fair continues through Sunday, February 17.  Visit if you get a chance.

I’ve asked Mrs. G to put some pictures in this post.  They’re below.

Visit  to see what the Geezer’s doing.

Whiskey Creek Ladies Club, Thank You!

Whiskey Creek Ladies Club, Thank You!

Great time at the "Fair"

Great time at the “Fair”

Florida State Fair Cracker Country Store

Florida State Fair Cracker Country Store

Thank you Friends of the Library Bonita Springs

Thank you Friends of the Library Bonita Springs

10 thoughts on “Here, there, and everywhere…I’ve been roaming.

  1. I think the ‘ol Geezer is somethin else. I sure do envy him what a fun and exciting life to live and to be able to live it with a pretty awsome Mrs Geezer wow!! Way to go Geezer rock on man!!

  2. Hey, Sandy, Sounds like you’ve really been having a good ole time! I’d love to visit your state fair. I went to my state fair, the Kansas State Fair, for the first time ever last year. Don’t know what took me so long. I saw a butter sculptor. You would have loved it! There was even a booth featuring dogs.

  3. Sounds like you’re having a dog gone good time!! I bet the geezer is enjoying himself too. Let me know if your book tour ever heads north, I’d love to meet you!

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