Do you see me now???

The mama and papa kingfishers successfully hatched their young ones.  It took several days to discover them. Nature does provide great camo for the young.

I call the following series of photos “Do you see me now?”

Hey, over there, do see me?

Hey, over there, do you see me?

How about now?

How about now?



Surely now!

Surely now!

Surely you can see me now!!

Surely you can see me now!!

I know you humans don’t have eyes like we canines, however if you can’t see young “prince” kingfisher in the last two shots, you might consider buying a white cane. No offense intended for the truly seeing impaired. Soon the young birds will adopt the unique coloring of their parents and join mom and dad in their daily fishing adventures.

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15 thoughts on “Do you see me now???

  1. Thanks for zooming in, Sandy! There are many days when I think I need a white cane. Better still, I need a great bird spotter like you! These are very attractive birds, so I’m glad I got to see them with your aid.

  2. Hiya Sandy. Love that you helped the Old Geezer find these great birds, but just between you and I, this isn’t a kingfisher. (Kingfishers are lots smaller and aren’t wading birds.) What I think you’ve sniffed out is a nest of herons, in particular, green herons. (We used to call them Little Green Herons, because they had so little green on them, but that name has fallen by the wayside, I believe. Probably so birders would quite making that awful joke.)

    You need to look UP for the kingfishers. They are usually sitting on telephone wires near ditches or on small branches above the water, where they will suddenly drop down to snatch a fish, and swoop right back up to their higher perch. They have a bushy crest on top of their heads and look a lot like the Australian kookaburra, only lots smaller.

    Still, fun trying to spot the birds as you zoomed in closer and closer. And always nice to watch young ones fledge. Great post!

    Your Birding Friend From Central Florida,
    Granny M.

    • Hmmmm, I’ll take picture of mom and dad and post it for you. I’m not an ornithologist like my neighbor from Cornell so I could have made a mistake. I’ll spy on them until I catch them with the camera. Thanks for the info. Woof Woof.

      • You could surely have seen belted kingfishers hanging out along the canal, but they aren’t wading birds like this guy. Here’s a good link to them for you:

        And here’s one for Green Herons, which is what I’m thinking your young ones are.

        If you scroll down and look at the picture of the juvenile green heron, I think that’s what you’ve captured. Not easy to photograph them on the nest, so I think you’ve done a fine job. And they blend in really well, so you can float right by them without seeing them.

        But one thing we birders learn real fast, is that it is easy to be fooled by Mother Nature! (She might not like us fooling HER, but she LOVES to make US look silly.) I can’t tell you how many rare birds I’ve spotted over the years that turned out to be robins! 🙂

  3. And by “being fooled,” I was referring to MYSELF. I’ve made lots of mistakes, and this could certainly be one, but I’ve seen so many of these guys, I’m fairly confidant. Of course, it’s been so hot, I haven’t been birding in months. I could be fooled by a COW.

    • Hi Marcia, If you go to my other site I think you’ll find some more interesting bird pics. (Scroll down several entries. This time with parent) We’ve been fortunate to have what I’ve ID’d as Night Herons nest in the mangroves across from us for the last four years. We are up to five nests as we assume the offspring return to join mom and dad. We do have at least two pair of adult kingfishers lurking about and they spend a lot of time in the mangroves feeding on the abundant fry in the canal … based on your pic references. I do believe that the bird babies are Green Herons again based on the pics. It appears we’re blessed with another species.

      • OH, I LOVE night herons. Do you know which kind you have? Yellow-crowned or black-crowned? They are both cool, but black-crowneds are my favorites. Sounds like you have the beginnings of a small rookery.

        Are you in South Florida? I’m north of Orlando in Sanford. But I’ve spent a lot of time in south Florida, too, in particular on Sanibel Island, long ago. That’s kind of where I cut my teeth on wading birds. Isn’t it nice to discover a new species you didn’t know you had? (And you still get to keep the kingfishers, too! Yay!)

        I’ll check out your other site, too. Thanks for the link. I always enjoy seeing what folks around the state are spotting in their yards and neighborhoods. I haven’t had a lot of time for blog reading in the last few months, so I’m playing catch up today. Enjoyed chatting with you!

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