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My human confounded me the other day.  In the middle of a conversation he said, “Sorry Sandy, I have to go to the White House.” That excited me. My human … going to the White House … WOW. After thinking about the Geezer’s penchant for selecting horrible wardrobe for crucial events, I decided to hunt him down and share some of my impeccable taste in clothes with him. I expected to find the old boy in his bedroom, packing. However, as I passed the bathroom, a malodorous breeze invaded my nostrils. The Geezer was perched on the pot, a bored look on his face.

I asked, “Is this what you’re calling the White House now?”

“Yes, Sandy. Isn’t it a creative and fresh referral? And so appropriate.”

“Geezer, shame on you. Your being partisan!” I exclaimed.

“Oh contraire, my friend. Every alternative time I take a dump, I call this place the Capitol.”

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  1. Sandy, you need to tell the Geezer that he should dedicate every third to the Supreme Court. They aren’t blameless in this mess.

    • The Geezer bows to your wisdom – From now on every third bomb goes to the SC.

  2. I’m speechless.

    • That might be from one of two causes Arlene. First it could be from watching TV and being exposed to a political process that has become a “Q” rate sitcom. There are going to be no winners and lots of losers – the biggest among them we the people. Second it might be the visual my post presents – that is horrible.

  3. Such a fitting salute!

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