What do Chinese Drywall and Rectal Apertures have in common?

To all my regular readers – I’m back and I hope I’ll be posting on a consistent basis from now on. I have excuses … but……. I’ll rephrase one of my human’s favorite comments: “Excuses are like rectal apertures, everybody has one.” Since this post is about one of those excuses, I guess it makes me a … you know.

Have you ever heard of Chinese drywall? I heard about it when I was a young pup, but paid little attention. The Geezer and Mrs.G talked about a friend of theirs that had the problem. It sounded like a disease to me. Turns out I was closer to being correct than I ever imagined.

Hurricane Charley came calling at my humans home on August 13 (Yes, it was a Friday) 2004. The storm devastated the part of Southwest Florida where we live. Winds reached 162 miles per hour as the eye wall passed over the house. Our neighbor’s anemometer broke and froze at that setting. Though the Geezer’s roof stayed in tact, the houses’ roof across the canal didn’t. It tore through the side of our house! The raging winds’ flooding the interior blew steel doors off their hinges, “bellowsed” one of the walls, and treated the inside of the home like an eggbeater does eggs. The result, a two year nightmare featuring insurance, FEMA, the SBA, county building departments, contractors, and snakes that shed their skins inside the house. (A story for another time.) The house’s rebuild was complete in time for me to be born and join the family.

What does any of this have to do with my blog posting delinquency? You say nothing? Au contraire, mon amie! This is where the Chinese did their thing. The builder installed Chinese drywall during the house repairs. The product was made from material that gives off a gas that corrodes just about anything with which it comes in contact. Four AC coils, five DVD players, two computers, three TV’s, etc., etc., later, the Geezer discovered he had the horrible stuff in his house. Ever since August 2012 when he confirmed he suffered from the malady, it’s been a miss-mash of lawyers, time waiting, settlements, time waiting, postponements, time waiting, rail-car loads of documents, time waiting, scheduling, time waiting, and finally – evacuation of the house so it can be “re-mediated.” That was a month ago.

The last six months have been extremely disruptive. From day to day nothing was certain. The computers (most of them) were in a suspended state since February when we thought we’d be moving out. My computer priority rank, being third in line behind the Geezer and Mrs. G, made my trips to the computer keyboard non-existent. Now, at last, the computers are back in operation and I can squeeze in my turn at the keys. Those Hotspot gadgets are wonderful!

For the present, we’re living in our same neighborhood in a friend’s home who goes north for the summers. Talk about princely people, N & C – R certainly are. Anyway, though it’s less than a quarter mile away, I’m meeting a whole new group of friends and acquaintances. Gofo the amorous Gopher Turtle, Tina the Tiny Rabbit, and the Tree Frog Band are a few I’ll discuss in my next blogs”.





3 thoughts on “What do Chinese Drywall and Rectal Apertures have in common?

  1. hello sandy its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm that chineez drywall sownds almost as bad as the chineez chikkin jerky!!! it mite eeven be the saym mateeryal i think!!! glad yoo ar sumware withowt it now!!! ok bye

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