Why do some people hate puppies?

Back when I was a puppy ......

Back when I was a puppy ……

The Internet and TV are alive with a controversy. Is being a puppy a crime? Does it matter where you come from? It seems that featuring a puppy in a Go-Daddy commercial that doesn’t strictly conform to a portion of the public’s belief system, is causing all kinds of consternation. I can identify with the star of the commercial; I looked a lot like ’em when I was that age. See my picture above? The poor pup’s debut in the Super Bowl ad is cancelled!

The last ten seconds of the ad were … ah … let’s not call it stupid, but I can’t find a better synonym right now. Who is the advertising agency appealing to, the Marquis De Sade? Those humans on Madison Avenue are supposed to be geniuses. Right? I guess if your hat size and IQ are within a few points they qualify.

With that said, how can a commercial get some folks’ panties wadded up so tight? (Glad I’m canine and don’t wear them.) I came from a breeder. They’re not all evil like the tone of much of the doggie poop I see on the I-net would have you believe. My breeder slept on the floor with my brothers, sisters, and mommy to get us used to living with humans, insisted on interviewing prospective families, and helped match our traits to the house we’d soon call our own.

Think of the poor puppy in the commercial. A career that could rival Lassie’s or Rin Tin Tin’s has been sidelined. The dangers that puppy faced: trains, no planes, but automobiles. Neither rain or sore paws could dampen her or his acting effort. Leave it to snarky narrow-viewed humans to louse things up. Oh well, you expect it from the species.

The decision is made

My humans, the Geezer and Mrs. G at their interview … I picked them.




9 thoughts on “Why do some people hate puppies?

  1. Being riled up about the bad treatment of puppies would have perhaps made a little more sense, but like you, i’m a bit befuddled why this turned into such a tempest. The world is going to hell in a million ways, but this is what some find to be a battle-cry for justice? [shrugs] i love puppies, and you were quite a cutie!

  2. I haven’t seen this commercial. Perhaps I should look for a link. I did read one comment that the commercial made her sad, because the puppy was happy to be “home” and then was sent away, which seemed cruel, but having not seen the commercial I don’t know whether that accurately describes the video.

    I volunteer at an animal shelter, where I take photos of cats in need of home for the website, so I am always happy when someone chooses one of our animals to take home. There are plenty of dogs there, too. I wish I could adopt them all!

  3. I think the controversy surrounds the puppy millers, not responsible breeders. The issue (as I understand it) is that GoDaddy caters to a lot of the puppy millers who sell their dogs over the internet. Puppy millers are not like the breeders you came from Sandy. Puppy millers have 100’s of dogs, typically living in cages their entire lives, sometimes with health ailments and not adequate food/water/shelter. A responsible breeder (like the one you came from) wouldn’t callously pick up their puppy and say, “I’m glad you’re home, I just sold you.” That I believe is what the controversy was all about.

    Here is a link to the types of people animal lovers feel GoDaddy was catering to.


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