The Geezer’s back … Mrs. G’s pic … and I’m enjoying my sirloin

He’s back home after his cruise. That’s the Geezer. He must of had a very good time; the smile he’s wearing is extraordinarily wide. (His mouth corners contact his earlobes.) I’ve seen that once before … when he happened upon a famous female movie star skinny dipping on an isolated beach. That took two weeks to disappear. It means three things happened on the trip. First, he enjoyed the food. Second, Mrs. G had a good time (He doesn’t if she doesn’t). Third, his seminar must have been a smashing success!

I’ve had a lot of interest in what Mrs. G looks like. Why, I’ve been asked, is there never any pictures of her. Simple … she’s normally the one taking them. But, at last, I have a picture of her taken on the Enchantment of the Seas.

The Geezer and Mrs. G ... it's easy to see why he's always happy.

The Geezer and Mrs. G … it’s easy to see why he’s always happy.

I’m speaking to him again. He’s doing the appropriate amount of groveling, and I intend to keep under my paw as long as possible. I doubt he’ll leave me behind on one of his fun trips any time soon.

He’s getting ready for a busy February and March – he has speaking and book signings fifteen different places. It includes libraries and a university appearance. The old boy prepares hard for these. I’m sure he’ll grease up the gears grinding in that old mind of his. Check his calendar of events on his webpage at if you want to hear him, see him or throw things at him.

Oh yes, I’m enjoying my sirloin and I have two more weeks to go!

#  #  #  #  #

6 thoughts on “The Geezer’s back … Mrs. G’s pic … and I’m enjoying my sirloin

  1. Wonderful news all the way round Sandy!
    Great vacation; home from vacation; beautiful family photo; and best of all sirloin the way you like it.
    I see a celebration.

  2. hello sandy its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow the geezer sownds like he is going to be bizzy!!! i am glad he had a gut time on his trip but i do not think i wil go on another cruze after we git bak frum this wun tho!!! wel unless the other cruze duznt involv soopervillins then i may giv it a try!!! ok bye

  3. It’s wonderful that he’s back and taking care of you again. You just reminded me, I need to get Sampson a steak. 😉

    Sadly all his speaking engagements are in Florida or I would definitely go check him out.

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