My salute to all U.S. veterans and our current military. To the living and especially to those who gave their all, God bless you!


Thank you!


Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!

Words aren’t always enough. We owe so much to those who have fought for our freedom, gained it and have protected it ever since. But since this is the best we can do … THANK YOU from my heart … and the Geezer’s.


#  #  #  #  #



3 thoughts on “Saaaa-lute!

  1. hello sandy its dennis the vizsla dog hay my dada sez he sumtimes forgits to put owt his flag for flag holidaze but he always reemembers to put it owt for memorial day first at haff staff then at ful staff at noon i gess he red sumware that this wuz the way to do it!!! at leest he kan reemember sumthing wunse in a wile!!! ha ha ok bye

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