Back home again on old Barrancas

They’re back! The annual gathering of Night Herons and Green Herons have their nests build and we’re waiting for the blessed event. This the sixth straight year the families have returned to perpetuate their species in the mangrove bushes across from our house. We’ve located four Night Heron nests and the Greenies have three this year. Any time a boat goes up or down the canal, the grumbling from the birds about the invasion of their privacy is profound.

The Geezer and I marvel at what these two species put together and call nests. It’s difficult to two see how the birds keep their eggs safely in them. They manage quite well … natures wonders never cease. The Geezer spends time watching these birds and he is amazed at how lightly they land in the flimsy bushes and move around without destroying the small structure of twigs they call home.


The Geezer says he knows how this night heron feels waiting on the stork

One thing that we witnessed together last year we may never see again. The Geezer kicks himself every time he thinks about what we saw and which he didn’t get proof pictures. I add a paw or two … it was a great missed, once-in-a-lifetime, opportunity. There was a noisy ruckus in some bare limbs right above the canal. A large black racer (snake) was trying to get to one of the nests to rob eggs. It started as a battle between one of the Night Herons and the snake. Peck, strike, peck, strike, peck, strike. Then another Night Heron entered the fray. Peck-peck-strike-peck-peck-strike. Then the most amazing part. A Green Heron got its beak busy. Peck-peck-peck- strike-peck-peck-peck-retreat. Too late, the three parents killed the would-be child killer. Watching two different species partner up to defeat a common enemy is something I never have heard before.


Madonna and Justin showing off their plumage!

It won’t be long and it will be the cheep-cheep season.

3 thoughts on “Back home again on old Barrancas

  1. If the Geezer wasn’t a “geezer”, he’d of had his trusty smartphone primed to go and not missed the shot. This old “geezer” has had that happen too many times to count, where I missed such an amazing shot. I finally asked my granddaughter to show me how to be “ready”. I think I got it. LOL Great share!!

  2. Cool observation of the multi-species defense method.
    It reminds me of a joke:
    A Green Heron, a Night Heron and a Great Blue Heron walk into a bar…

    Wait, I may not be able to finish this in such a family-friendly format…

    Best regards,


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