Our Wet Friends – the Manatees out back

They may be hard to see, but there are six manatees in the pic – can you find them?

Sometime it isn’t necessary to go far to enjoy nature and wildlife. The Geezer and I can sit on the back porch and be treated to a spectacle or two. Manatees have chosen our canal as a safe haven and family hangout. The same animals return year after year. Unfortunately, the way we can identify them are the scars on their backs from boats and prop gashes. It, the canal, also serves as a nursery. We’ve seen tiny (for a seacow) babies only two feet long swimming along side mother.

An example of one our friends with wounds from power boats. Its almost impossible to see her two friends.

The most manatees we’ve ever seen in the canal at one time was fourteen. That’s a whole herd. Most of the time there will be three to five. If you visit us you’d have a 60% chance of seeing some of these peaceful creatures. Below are a few more snapshots.

Momma manatees give birth and are raising calves in our canal.

“Nosing up” to the mangroves to nibble on the leaves.

To paraphrase Oz’s Dorothy, “There is no place like our canal.” The Geezer is shuddering at my infringement on a classic.

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Speaking of the Geezer he has a new book out called Escaping Skeletons, a novel about Operation Paperclip, the WWII secret program used to spirit Nazi scientists out of Germany before the Soviets could. He’s also teaching, speaking and signing books several places this month. Check his site http://www.dlhavlin.com for information on his latest books and the link for calendar of events.





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