Okay! So enough with this heat!

One of the few places it’s cool – the tile floor.


I’m one of those canines who doesn’t typically complain about the weather. No matter how much you bark about it, nothing is going to change. Mother nature does things in her own good time. There must be a little Clark Gable in her because, “Frankly my dear(s) she doesn’t give a damn” how much we complain!

The Geezer and I watch the morning weather reports and hope some of the fall temperatures most of the country are experiencing will migrate south. No such luck! Temps in southwest Florida continue in the record setting nineties. The calendar says its almost November. August forgot to leave. The high for yesterday was 94, the low 78. Swelter, swelter, boil and bubble.

Mainstreet – Bokeelia, paradise’s thermometer is stuck on broil


I would appreciate some kind person in a northern clime sending me a box of cool air! I saw a picture on the net and it made me dream. I’ve made a copy of it and placed it here hoping the Geezer will buy me some ice.

“Ice! Ice! My country for some ice!

Hint, Geezer, hint!


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