Can’t anybody leave ‘good enough’ alone?

What’s this shit!


Why can’t the people running WordPress’ development department leave good enough alone? The system works fine – or did until they ‘improved’ it. I hate pawing at the computer for days, trying to figure out how to be able to return do making a post the way I have in years past AND the way I want to continue doing it! Maybe we users can all get together and bribe the WordPress big boss to send these creatures of unnecessary change to the Sepik River. There may be a few head hunters and cannibals still lurking there. I’ll send BBQ sauce, mustard, and a meat thermometer to go along.

I share this gentleman’s reaction to “updates,” those harbingers of file corruption that are never explained.


It must be in the DNA of software types. WordPress isn’t even number one as the blood pressure boiling offender. For me it’s Microsoft. I have this calendar I keep my social dates on. Canine Chowder and Marching Society Meetings. Dates the snowbird neighbors return and the number of treats increases. The date the elections will be over for two years (Hurrah!). Important things like that. I don’t ask much. Just leave it alone! Not Microsoft! They have these periodic updates. And……….every so often they wipe my calendar out. After the fourth time I learned Einstein was correct. Doing the same thing over and expecting a different result isn’t smart. Naw! It’s just plain stupid! I’ve gone to keeping my calendar Manually. The geniuses at Microsoft haven’t found a way to screw that up. My human fusses and fumes with all the ‘improvements’ they make with each introduction of software’s version of controlled obsolescence. System 5, becomes 7, which becomes 10, which becomes 365, which will become 986783465024K12. It’s interesting how they can convert something that is operating successfully into a trash can. The Geezer says the proper way to spell Microsoft is Manurespot.

Software make you feel like this?

How about like this?









The two folks above may have the same three companies the Geezer and I deal with as we spend a large part of our waking hours pounding keys on a computer. The third offender in our triumvirate is the clown princess of Internet provision, AOL. Maybe they should change the letters to TAL or Try Again Later. Or maybe WCAYEN would be more accurate. That stands for We Can’t Access Your Email Now. The Geezer has found the proper words to stand for the letters AOL…America Off Line, or an alternate, the Awfully Offensive Latrine provider of internet services. If they spent time actually working on the provider part of their company and less on feckless news reporting it might improve. But when one aspires to be Joseph Goebbels……….. 



2 thoughts on “Can’t anybody leave ‘good enough’ alone?

  1. I always click on WP Admin at the bottom on the left, and so far it has always taken me to the old WordPress editor. I don’t like these new fangled changes, either. Old WordPress worked fine for me!

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