Difficulty with the new WordPress ‘system’ keeps me from posting.

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Trying to learn the ‘new system’ has restricted my posting on a blog I’ve had since the early 2000s. If the intent was to increase the difficulty for the user, I congratulate WordPress, you have succeeded admirably well. In the past, a common sense solution, that of maintaining the Classic Editor in its previous form, maintained a level of user friendliness. You have managed to create a real nightmare for your longtime users.

To my readers of many years, I apologize for my failure to post on a regular basis. I’ll endeavor to master the mess I’m forced to learn, and resume posting.

A note to those anonymous ‘engineers’ at WordPress. There is a line in the classic novel, “Jurassic Park,” where the generic question is raised…(paraphrased)…”You decided you could, but never thought about whether you should.” Isn’t the purpose of WordPress to provide user satisfaction? Were people clamoring for a ‘new system’ when the old one was working exceedingly well? Not one of the users I know wanted the change or thinks it is an improvement worth the hassle.


An example: How does one EASILY edit and add to the ‘tag block?’  

5 thoughts on “Difficulty with the new WordPress ‘system’ keeps me from posting.

  1. I couldn’t get the plugin to work, and wordpress.org wouldn’t recognise my login details. The only way I can get around the horrible block editor is by saving the following link to my favourites and using it each time I want to post: https://annabellefranklinauthor.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php?classic-editor Even with this, if I want to update the post after I’ve published it I can only get the stupid blocky page. It’s a nightmare!

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