I’m a traveling dog


I’m getting to travel with the Geezer & Mrs. G

I get to go! I get to go! I get to go! Now that I’ve passed the puppy period…or at least some of it, I get to go with the Geezer and Mama to all kinds of places. The Geezer travels around doing book signings, speaking engagements, and what he calls “meet & greets.” So far I’ve been to a seafood festival in Vero Beach, an Arts & Crafts show in Dunedin, to Ocala where he teaches classes at Master the Possibilities and the Nautical Show in Fort Myers. I’m really a well traveled lady. I’ve been to four states on the recent trip I made when the Geezer was doing research on the Womens AirForce Service Pilots. We traveled through the long state of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas another long ride state. We ended up in the town of Sweetwater.

I meet the nicest people.

My trip to Vero was the first really big event. There were thousands of people there and lots of dogs too! The Geezer enjoyed meeting people. This gives him a chance chat with all kinds of folks about his books and many other things. The Nautical Mile show was indoors. There were 12,000 people who attended. The people in the booth next to ours kept everyone on their toes. It had rattlesnakes, pythons, owls, eagles and all sorts of other animals. The snakes gave me the shivers. 

The Geezer (DL Havlin) at the Nautical Expo

The trip to the Dunedin Art Show was the biggest event! There were 20,000 plus people there. Lots and lots of dogs too! My trip to Sweetwater Texas was a very long one. We traveled 1,500 miles each way to get there and to get back. The trees there are all miniatures and it is very windy. The people were very friendly. The Geezer went there to visit a museum to do research for a book he’s writing. There is a picture below.

I’ll try to keep posting. I really hate the new WordPress changes. It takes three times the time to make my post. 


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