About Sandy

1101-Saying goodbye to my mentor-breederSandy here,

A little about this, not too modest, dog.  I’m a pure bred lady Golden Retriever, whose mommy and daddy are award winning show dogs.  I’m 17 months old as of this post.

1107-Mother BreezeMommy’s name was Breeze- I couldn’t have wished for a better one.  Breeze’s human’s name is Carol and she did a fantastic job seeing to my every need!  She’s what humans call a breeder.  My human says he picked me because I was so special.  He doesn’t realize I picked him.

My birthday is January 18th which makes me a Capricorn, and true to my sign, makes me seek others admiration.  I’m the mountain goat, not garden goat variety of Capy for those Zodiac lovers.  Oh, I’m close to the cusp so I admit to having some Aquarian traits- trendsetter, unique, etc.  My human is an Aries.  What can I say.

I weigh in at 74 pounds, stand 26″ at the shoulder, and have long beautiful beige hair.  I’m strong and love humans, but I especially like kids.  I can make my human furnish treats on demand by performing a range of physical skills.  He’s twisted around my paw pad.

I call  the Human that belongs to me “The Geezer Gator.”  He’s very nice, but  male, and older.  Geezer has the Aries thing going in overdrive, but he is more empathetic than most Rams I’ve met.  He is smart, writes books, and is my constant companion.  Mrs. Gator is very kind and pretty.  Both are good to me– we all love each other and enjoy life in our south Florida home.

Lets see.  Bacon and hot dogs are my favorite foods.  Fooling the Geezer and romps on the beach are two things I like.  Most of all, I love to have discussions.   Soooo, let’s have one.   Talk to me.



165 thoughts on “About Sandy

  1. I accidentally deleted your comment on my page. Nothing personal, I’m just new to wordpress and I’m also not very intelligent. Hope you keep reading my stuff. Thanks for the comment!

  2. I like your blog about Fox and I appreciate your comment about my article regarding the failure of the bailout plan.

    Do you also have a website> Would you like to exchange links?

    We need to make change!


  3. Sandy, now I know why I like your voice… I am also a Capricorn on the cusp with a January 19 birthday!

    And I happen to have a very soft spot in my heart for your breed. 🙂

  4. Wow…I have to know, have you ever read the series, “Hank the Cowdog?”

    If not, I highly recommend it to you. You will doubtlessly notice you and Hank’s author have some very similar ….perspectives.

  5. Hi Sandy, thank you for the comment! I’m reading your blog right now, and I really enjoy it. Everyone seems to look over the canine’s point of view too often – 😉 great job, keep it up!

  6. Sandy you could have helped more by laying in the drop zone so that 1. you give your people something to walk over or around and 2. make sure you are available for floor clean up when something falls if they happen to trip over you. PJ aka Porky Joe has this move down pat. Try it on your next holiday, the folks will love it!

  7. No recycling for you! Promise… Have a biscuit and please stay off the sofa. I once dreamt that I could talk telepathically with my cat but I’ve never had any sort of conversation with a dog.

    Got me wondering now… would you expect more cats or dogs to keep blogs? I think maybe cats wouldn’t bother with blogs and would opt for a website dedicated to themselves…

    …anyway, cheers for stopping by…

  8. Nice doggie! Nice doggie! 😀
    good to see evolution going ahead in leaps and bounds – I’d be even more surprised when you could walk up to me and say, “Hi!” 😀
    Nice space you have here!

  9. Hi Sandy … I showed your blog and bio to Pandy, Denny, Mia maria, Charlie, Leo, Agnus Louise and Guenther. Denny tried to eat the mouse cord but Agnus seemed to enjoy the reading. We will all be back.

    <<smiles and wags tail.

  10. Sandy please don’t take this the wrong way, you seem like a nice puppy, but if the world’s problems were decided by Rock Paper Scissors the powers that be wouldn’t allow you to participate. Either that or you’d just have to over come your handicap of being scissor-challenged. I hope you accept this scratch behind the ear as consolation.
    Thank you for marking my blog page.

  11. Hey Sandy Thanks for visiting my place. My B-day is March 19th so that makes me a “Fish” what can you tell me about the fish?

  12. Hi Sandy,
    Stopping by to thank you for visiting my blog. I was looking over your stuff. I like your take on life. Empathy is #1 in my book. I also find the humor in life. It is all over, we just have to look! It helps the day go by much easier, huh? I will by stopping by. Hope you can do the same!

  13. I should have guessed you were a golden when I saw you had your own blog. Only a golden would be smart enough to have a blog.

    Thanks for stopping by my place today. I’ll be back here when I can spend more time looking around.

  14. Hi,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. You write well. My husband, who experienced a similar period of limited mobility and had his own potty experience at one point, especially enjoyed it. He even took the risk of telling me that when it comes to humor, you write better than me. He’s lucky humor isn’ t a specialty of mine. Are you working on another book, or have you thought about where you might submit it?

  15. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. In a sociologically informed opinion (by Joel M. Charon, author of 10 Questions), we’re all animals. What makes us different from them is the ability to communicate and socialize using symbols such as language.


  16. Hi Sandy,
    Thanks for stopping by. Some dogs fear veterinarians…glad to see that you do not! Your welcome to come by anytime and read about some of the funny things other dogs’ people do. I will continue to check in on your site as well…well done!

  17. Hahaha, great blog! If you ever see that license plate again, snap a pic for me if you can, I’d love to post it up on my site.

    Happy Holidays!

  18. Nice website! Beautiful dog…

    I have two little ones of my own – Jorge (funny story behind why I have him…but his full name is Jorge Dubya) and Lily.

    Both dachshunds. Both minis.

  19. Funny funny Santa bit – oh what pretty blond hair you have too. We will return…..often I hope when we aren’t out tracking or making a mess of the snow.


    Ulrika and gang.

  20. Hello young lady. Nice blog. I’m another human I’m afraid – and old: about 11 of your years. I think all blogs should be written by dogs and cats (sorry didn’t mean to offend). You have such an uncomplicated, truthful way of looking at life and such a keen eye for detail. Unfortunately there isn’t one of either where I live and not likely to be any time soon, cos the other one who lives here says she’s got enough to do looking after me. So I guess I’ll just stumble on blogging as best I can. I do have a blackbird that comes visit but he hasn’t said much up to now. I think he’s trying to contact me telepathically though, because of the way he stares at me with his head on one side. I suspect he may be succeeding as well, though you’re the first I’ve told about it so please don’t spread it around. It would be great if he could eventually take over some of the typing which is ruining my eyesight. Perhaps a woodpecker would be more efficient, but how …
    Regards (also to The Geezer)
    Jan Freeman

  21. And thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog. You are my first comment you know. The very first comment!!!

    Errr…yeah. I am more than slightly hyper about it, and imagine my delight when I found out youé a golden retriever, my favourite dog! I dream of having one someday. Thanks Sandy!

  22. Great blog. I love dogs, but my past three have died from being sucked out of a car window, drowning in a pool and being run over by an 18 wheeler. I just don’t think dogs and I are ment to be.

  23. Hi Sandy,
    You’re amazing 🙂
    Now I don’t have any dogs although I did have skye terriers for several years.

    Thank you and Geezer for your visit to my humble blog and I hope to see you there again.

    Have a great day and many bacon rashers and hot dogs,

  24. Hey There –
    Sun N Fun is indeed still going on – Lakeland Linder in April! I’ll be there, though not sure if my four-legged kids will accompany me or not (I can’t recall whether they allow anything other than working animals, which is peculiar, since I see the littler, two-legged animals running around and jamming joysticks and wreaking havoc all while their parents smile and encourage them). I’m all for allowing young minds to grow, but if I tell Buddy or Griffin to behave, they do. they don’t climb into the cockpit of a two-hundred thousand dollar aircraft and start scratching at the embroidery. but I digress… Hope to see you out at Lakeland. I’ll most likely be flying in with a good friend – I live close enough to drive, but it is called a FLY IN…

  25. oh, Sandy – Buddy and Griffin (Buddy is a lab chow mix and Griffin is a handsome yellow lab with copper eyes) both saw your pic and said “Growl baby.” Not sure what they meant by that, since they’re rescues, and have their own dialect, but I think it means “Dad? Tell her she can play in our sand box anytime!”

  26. Aww hello beautiful Sandy. Thank you for inviting me. You remind me of my two Goldens…Sadly they have made their journey over the rainbow bridge.
    I’ll introduce you to our 8 year old black lab sometime.
    Looking forward to hearing all about you.

  27. Our cat Sparkey says hi to your dog Sandy. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such an upbeat comment. Your blog is interesting and different. I’ll be back. 🙂

  28. I like your blog, nice to see thoughts from a dogs point of view.. Very smart and witty writing! I never know if I should put out my hand and shake~


  29. Sandy, you are so beautiful and smart. No doubt you have all the dogs running after you!

  30. Thanks for your comment, Sandy! It’s interesting that you choose to describe your experiences from a lady dog, because I’m hooked! 🙂 Definitely coming back to read more soon! 🙂

  31. This is such an adorable blog! Both Sandy and Geezer Gator are wonderful colourful characters, it is an amusing read to see life through Sandy\’s eyes. Thank you for sharing, and please keep writing 🙂

  32. Hello Sandy & Geezer!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. It’s always nice to make a new friend (or a couple, in this case). A little background: I live in southeastern CT with my husband, a 15 year old cat named Madame Curie, and two 11 year old mutts — Tucker (an Aussie cross) and Bella (a Lab cross). Considering their looks/behavior we figure Tucker is crossed with Lyle Lovett and Bella is crossed with an Electrolux.
    I’ve been writing since I was six, professionally since 1992-ish. I started out in the world of Star Trek (after honing my skills on years of fandom). I have a book of short stories out (“Darling Wendy and Other Stories”), speculative fiction, am working on other stories and a novel and will soon begin the arduous work of finding an agent. Ah, the mad, whirlwind existence of a writer!
    Keep in touch, eh? Let me know how life is in Florida! (It sounds great!)

  33. Hi, Sandy! Thanks for commenting. 🙂 I’ll be sure to host a contest specifically for canines! Ha ha.

    My baby is a 3-year-old black Labrador Retriever. 🙂 I think you two would get along. She also has a cute, quirky personality and an attitude that would make your head spin!

    Looking forward to reading more of your blogs. ;D


  34. Sandy, you are a beautiful lady dog, a real heart-stopper. Your blog is amazing and Geezer Gator has done a wonderful job raising you. I love your blog and keep the great work going. I give it two thumbs, or for you paws, up. Great stuff.

  35. Well, Sandy, you seem like a perfect lady in spite of your adoration for your human companions—then again, love, when true and loyal and unconditional, is the height of all interactions. Glad you dropped in on my blog for one of the true adventures of brother Ed’s driving —way too true for his own health and well being. But I digress, enjoyed very much Sandy and the Geezer’s latest go round with bare asses and the likes. Oh yes, such is the truth of such matters. LOL. Ah Sandy, all the things you’ve yet to experience and obeserve about homo sapiens. More fodder for the keys, pen, twittering device…
    I’ll be back…grins.

  36. Okay – this is truly hilarious and unique! I have cat and dog “friends” on facebook – but I’ve never seen a blog written by one of my furry friends. I love it!

  37. .. a dog.. LADY dog, i.e, who likes hotdogs… good one 😉 Was it hot dogs or just hotdogs… is there a space or no? 😀

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  38. Out-whating—oooo so on target–who says animals are ‘dumb’? ha…just homo sapiens acts worse than any ‘ass’ towardes other ‘asses’….I think that came out ‘right’…oh well, you’re a smart golden, Sandy, so I trust you’ll make sense of such sentences…

  39. Your blog has one of the most reponses of any I have seen in the short amount of time I have been blogging. See what affect a photo of a cute dog on a blogsite can do! Pleased to meet you, Sandy!

  40. Hi Sandy I am Ernie’s Frenchie Girl and on 7=30 I had 7 babies 5 boy and 2 girl babies, ernie is so happy. I am sorry about Mr B. but i am sure he is with Shawn my ernie’s soul mate wolf wrapped in JESUS’ ARMS waiting for you. i am sure he is so happy there. Mr B is happy at the RAINBOW BRIDGE. We love you all FANCY

  41. Hi Sandy,
    It’s me Gizmo and my little brother Beanie. Yes you are a special dog–so special even cats can love ya! Most of our people think they picked us and it’s good to let the think so. But we know the truth don’t we.

    Let me know if you’re ever coming to Missouri and my woman (a reformed dog lover) will make you lots of bacon for you and fish for us. I’ll let even let you come in my house . . . we’re dog friendly here you know.

    Gizmo and Beanie

  42. Attie, too, is a female, but lady? Not on your life. Prior to coming to live with us, she spent three years on a farm, hangin’ out with the pack, and asserting her dominance as the alpha female. Now she drools when she drinks (and for twenty feet in all directions), lies flat on her back exposing all her, ahem, attributes (and encouraging every other canine to have a good sniff) and loves nothing better than to roll in anything particularly odiferous. Dirty, smelly, and an old soul who has way more than dog behind those eyes. I don’t know if she’s on her way up or down the reincarnation ladder, but she is not just a dog.

  43. Hey, Sandy, Thanks for stopping by one of my blogs (It’s a Beautiful World!) a couple of times and saying such nice things. I’m beaming.

    I put you on my blogroll on my other blog so I can visit you more easily. I’m going to check out your geezer’s books, too. You’re a very talented pair.

  44. Hi– Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments…it’s been a hard day. You have an adorable blog and just the place to be cheered up. I’m adding you to my blogroll. I love Sandy’s point of view!

  45. Hi ya Sandy *gives you a good scratch behind the ears* your Halloween post was great! I imagine all the pooches were debating the merits of Halloween outside the card hall where your typical dogs playing poker pictures are shot. 🙂
    Thanks for the visit to my blog at http://ondeadline.wordpress.com, look forward to more canine insights shared here and there. Cheers!

  46. HI Sandy,

    You are a cutie. I am a Bedlington and my name is Peyton. It’s so nice to read the thoughts of a canine on the internet. I’m not allowed to use the computer usually but sometimes late at night I do it anyway. I live with four Kerry Blue Terriers who go to dog shows a lot. One of them left three years ago and hasn’t been back.

    I will read your blog as often as I can. Even my humans liked it. Especially about Manny and the turkey.

    Littleton, Colorado

  47. Sniff, sniff Sandy, it’s Darwin here.

    Did what you said…never knew it was so easy…I just grab things all the time now, stop when they tell me to and get that nice little treat.
    Look forward to your next advice.

  48. Like your Human, I’m an Aries and a human.

    My last dog was female but, according to the vet., was from a family which did not believe in marriage. Several generations of her ancestors had had children out of wedlock. As you know, this is still frowned upon, even in the twenty-first century.

    The reason that I mention it at all is that, from her appearance, she could have had a few drops of golden retriever in her. She had beautiful, soft, golden hair on her slim legs, tail, and behind her ears.

    She had a beautiful nature but had been very badly treated before escaping and adopting me and my family. She was exhausted and could go no farther. She just lay down, waiting to be beaten.

    I dissolved into tears on the spot, and did it again and again, as I slowly discovered all of the different ways that she had been tortured. It took her two weeks to show us her beautiful tail. It was a month before she actually raised it.

    A few years later, she became a mother, out of wedlock, in accordance with her family tradition. However, she very carefully chose the father.

    She chased away all of the well-bred dogs who called on her, then eloped for a night with a small, mostly black suitor. He was nothing to look at, but had an engaging personality. She had opened the door herself.

    Surprisingly, the gentleman kept up his visits during her pregnancy, and even after the birth. She was always very pleased to see him, but still kept all other dogs away. He disappeared suddenly. I later learned that he had died.

    Our lady died herself many years later, on the bed beside me. Cancer.

    She may have been a very distant relation of yours. Probably from the part of the family nobody talks about. All noble families have a few wild branches on their family trees.

  49. Sandy,
    Why don’t you drop on over to your profile page… Then, put your blog address in the field that says web address. Save it… after you do that, your user name will be clickable, and viewers will come directly to this website. Just an idea…

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  51. Love the conversations between the dogs…I’ve always wondered what they would say if they could speak. Thanks for filling me in!

    Cute premise for your blog. Whenever I need a smile, I stop by to see what Sandy is saying.

  52. Hi Sandy, thanks for stopping by my blog. You and Ruby have a lot in common, she is a Capricorn also, was born January 14, 2006. She’s not purebred at all, her mother was a mixture of golden lab, some sort of retriever (and was named Gracie after Gracie Allen for good reasons); her father was a purebred golden labrador. Fortunately she inherited her father’s intelligence and Gracie’s wonderful nature.

    I really enjoyed your story about not making fun of blondes! I got a good laugh out of that one.

    Take care and visit us again soon at The Havens.

  53. I love your writing Sandy. My dog Tofu can’t use a keyboard as far as I know but that might just be a doxie thing. As you probably know, they like to play dumb so that they can avoid following instructions when it’s inconvenient for them and get waited on paw and snout. Can’t wait to read more. ❤

    • Thanks! My human and buddy has helped me a bit with my typing technique and with a few writing tips. Tell Tofu that he should “Endeavour to persevere” and eventually he’ll get that laptop dislodged and get his paws on it.

  54. Cute story Sandy! And thanks for your comment! Daisy’s only 5 months old and 6 pounds. She’s our first small dog and we’re enjoying learning about her as she learns about us. 🙂

  55. HI Sandy,
    Love your Labor Day post. This Labor Day I was walking in the neighborhood, by a house having its roof redone. I heard one of the workers on his cellphone saying, “They don’t call it No Labor Day”.
    Have a great no-hurricane season.

  56. Sandy, my blond cocker, Miss Piggy, asked me to send you a note. She’s 15 and prefers just lying around, but she’d watch YOU play… and steal your bacon and hot dogs while you’re occupied.

    You’re quite a looker, Girl!

  57. Hi Sandy – thank you to you and your human ‘geezer’ for commenting on our site… You are obviously a dog of supreme intelligence with an exceptionally good temperament, so the next time you pop in for a browse, please, we beg you, do NOT read the article about Dr Dolittle’s Dog – it may upset you, but you might enjoy the article about the suicidal moggy (cat). Anyway, thanks again and keep blogging you clever dog!

    • Hey Sandy – I hope you are relaxing in a ‘hound hammock’? Would you be kind enough to let your Geezer know that we have at last written a US version of our article (which we have linked to your site – I hope that’s OK?)

      Keep wagging that tail!

  58. Sandy

    I think you’re delightful. Your Geezer-Gator and the missus sound lovely too. I’ll be back. Of course, you probably think that is a rather patronising comment (even though I’m female). Thank you for commenting on mine – you sound a lot like Tass! Hope you come over more often!


  59. Hellooo Miss Sandy, Geezer Gator, and Mrs Gator! Welcome back to the blogging world after your long hiatus. Perhaps, one day, Miss Little Red Maple Leaf and Miss Sandy can have a long distance email conversation over the Atlantic Ocean.

  60. Blimey! 124 comments, I’ve never known anyone else get that many, I feel special if I get more than four , never mind, I’m a Leo ’nuff said, just don’t meddle wif me!

  61. Sandy,
    My owner thought it was a good idea to take for a walk the smaller one of us and leave me alone in the house. Stupid of her!!! She also left the windows open… “window of opportunity.” My claws got rid of this silly net over the windows, that prevents me having fun with yummy flies and such.I had no problems jumping right into the bush and over. 5 seconds later I was free to roam the neighborhood – all these cats are driving me crazy! Why don’t they think they are much more fun than that toy I have?
    I just don’t get one thing, why was she so upset when she had so much fun chasing after me afterwords? She was also taking photos of that window…She is not going to repair it, is she?

    • You never know what humans might do. Remember they are an inferior species and we canines need to be compassionate. My guess is she’ll repair that screen, forgeting all the fun she had playing chase.

  62. This is a fantastic blog. I love it! I’m human in the life but I know I was a dog in a past life. Thanks for your wonderful blog. I’m now a faithful reader. Woof!

  63. Hello Ms. Sandy,

    Haven’t seen you for awhile. My Geezer never walks me enough. Congratulations on your blog award. I am very impressed. I’m surprised you can’t feel the breeze from how hard my tail is wagging.

    I read your list of favorite authors and I commend your taste in litterati. My new favorite is Spencer Quinn’s, Bernie & Chet series. They are detectives and Chet, from our own canine nation, is the narrator. I think you’d enjoy his antics and competency, well as long as there are too many treats to distract him…..

    See you soon,
    Your friend and Neighbor
    Murphy the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

  64. Hello Sandy!
    You are gorgeous! Thank you for stopping by to leave your advice for Lily – she’s already smacking her lips in anticipation of the next mallard that comes in for a landing! We live in Bedfordshire in England, so yes – lots of hedgehogs and foxes and stuff – but what we’d do for some of your lovely weather! We’ll stop by again and keep up with how you’re doing – here’s to many more adventures!

  65. Thanks for popping by my blog, Sandy! You have so many friends here – I hope I grow up to be as sociable as you. Most of my playmates are cats, at the moment – although they run away from me whenever they see me coming. I don’t understand why, though? I’m just one helluva frindly pup!

  66. Thanks for stopping by my blog CalliopesWritingTablet, Sandy. I feel for your human. Tell your human to take the book reviews all in stride. There will be terrific reviews and so-so reviews and always the bad review looms in the distance like a shadow. Your human would do well to remember the world is full of opinions, learn from the less than stellar ones, revel in those good ones, and above all enjoy this fantastic journey. Thanks for visiting and stop by often. You and your human should find lots of useful info there. By the way, I picture you using the keyboard and can’t help but smile.

  67. Form Seinfield’s mouth “If aliens are watching this through telescopes, they’re going to think the dogs are the leaders of the planet. If you see two life forms, one of them’s making a poop, the other one’s carrying it for him, who would you assume is in charge?” You are in charge Sandy that’s for sure!!! Thanks for stopping by at my blog today and I am also from Walled Like just like your human’s son 🙂

  68. Hey Sandy this is Andy I knew an old Geezer that sounds a lot like yours a truly great master at scribing things and such! Im thrilled and look forward to chatting in the future.
    PS I love bacon and hot dogs too but the bacon has to be Kosher !!

  69. Sandy-

    It’s good to see that I’m not the only animal on here. So many humans these days, am I right? I never thought that canines would care too much for what a panda has to say, but I definitely appreciate the ‘like’!


  70. We love golden retrievers at our household (along with little green alien men, dot to dot dinosaurs and dung beetle). We have two – Harry a 12.5 yr old and Murphy ( a lady – as in Murphy Brown) who is Harry’s niece, and is 10.5 years. Goldie’s are the best dogs – their love of life surpasses all other things that may get in their way.

  71. I don’t think you’ve seem me yet but I live a couple houses down from you. I’m usually up in my mahogany tree watching what goes on in the neighborhood. The only dog that has found me so far owns Joe Smith as a human – that dog has a nose! Anyway, I’m a cat so by nature I am condescending and usually ignore DOGS as inconsequential. But…. I have to say Sandy you are, as far as dogs go, quite a good example of your breed. I appreciate that you enjoy playing with Murphy, my canine housemate, when you come by and… it’s so hard to say…it’s like coughing up a hairball. You’re a great dog.. ack!

    Captain Jack Sparrow

  72. Hi, Sandy! Just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I hope this will be welcome news for you. Some people choose not to participate, others enjoy the opportunity to visit new-to-you blogs and to be visited by new-to-you bloggers. To see more about the award and accepting this nomination, please visit my post at http://www.marciameara.wordpress.com

    Have a great day!

  73. Dear Sandy and Geezer, Thank you for the heart-stopping comment you left. I honor you. And decades later, when one has a connection to animal rescue work, one knows first-hand that the human capacity for cruelty to the defenseless has no bounds. We need a war on cruelty.

    • Freedom from the stress and responsibility that plagues humans, but being inconvenienced by all those poor decisions humans make and having to live with their mistakes. Over-all I’d wouldn’t trade my canine life to be a human. Can’t speak for all dogs.

  74. Thanks for following my blog, Sand. I’m quite looking forward to reading your dog-adventures in an all too fast-paced human world! I’m well-versed in Woofian and give paws as long as there’s something sugary to trade!

  75. Hi Sandy! Thanks for the follow. Your comment at IBs cracked me up. I also love Golden Retrievers. Thanks for the follow, though and I hope you find a blessing there.

  76. Hi Sandy, it’s great to stumble upon your blog and see your gorgeous golden face! Our human is a children’s author and we help out by writing most of her blog for her. We also make occasional visits to Fairyland and bring back all the latest gossip! Much love and licks from the Storyhounds (aka Millie and Pearl) xx

  77. You are a beautiful, amazing Golden. I’ve always said that when I “come back”, I want to come back as a pampered pet. Being like you would be icing on the cake. I am an Aquarius with Capricorn tendencies! LOL

  78. Sandy, what a wonderful blog you have here. I wanted to thank you for following my blog, I will certainly take time to visit yours as well. I hope your day is a happy one! 🙂

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