Merry Christmas …… Now for some LAUGHS …..

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I'm a raindeer - Did I fool anyone?

I’m a reindeer – Did I fool anyone? …… Maybe rain dear?

Well, the Geezer has done it again. He’s posted his laughter inducing classic, “Claus and the Consultant.” This thoroughly enjoyable read is posted on (linked for your convenience)   If the season is getting hectic, and you need to renew your positive attitude with some humor, DON’T MISS READING IT! And, PLEASE, share it with your friends. Everyone can use an attitude adjustment at the end of this year.


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A Christmas story … for your pups … and you.

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Woof! Woof!  Each year I like to tell a Christmas Story. This year it has a message … a positive one! Please share with your pups, family and friends.

A Christmas Story in the park.

The Geezer and I wish you all a very "Merry Christmas"

The Geezer and I wish you all a very “Merry Christmas”

Hi. I’m Sandy the Golden Retriever. I want to tell you a story.

            Each day my human takes me to the park. We meet some interesting people there … and we get to watch what they do. That’s how we got to know Sam, and the Wilson kids.

Sam is an old fellow who spends most every afternoon sitting in the park. He comes there to feed the birds. The old man doesn’t seem to have anything else to do. Sam is short, plump, and bald. I like to think his hair slipped ten inches because he has a long white beard and a mustache. He always has a big bag or two with him. The bags are loaded with goodies for his bird friends. All the birds in the park and the surrounding neighborhood know Sam and flock to him when they see him walking toward his favorite long bench. It is right across Main Street from Miller’s Department Store.

The Wilson kids like to hang around the same area. Billy is five. He loves to play “fetch” with me and his sister, who is a very wise ten, is one of the greatest dog petting people in the world. Trina knows just how to scratch behind my ears. Both the Wilsons love to feed the birds. I don’t chase the pigeons, starlings, and sparrows because Sam, the Wilson children, my human and me are all friends. We spend a lot of time sitting together and talking.

It gets cold where we live … very cold in December. The Wilsons don’t seem to mind the cold. They don’t wear heavy coats like most folks. Both Sam and my human have suggested they should dress warmer, but Trina and Billy never want to talk about it.

The leaves had all fallen, some patches of snow were scattered on the ground, and Christmas decorations filled Miller’s Department store. It was the day before Christmas. We were all seated on the bench feeding the birds from Sam’s huge bag of day-old bread. Little patches of white fog marked each breathe we took. The birds ate so much they could hardly fly. Sam said, “I think we need to stop feeding our buddies. I’m afraid some of them might pop.”

“Do we have to?” Billy was disappointed. I think he’d like to see a bird pop.

“Billy, Sam is right. Besides we can go look at what’s in Miller’s windows before they take everything out after Christmas.” Trina grabbed her brother’s hand and tried to pull him from the bench.

Billy resisted. “Awwww, I don’t want to. It makes me sad.”

My human asked, “Sad? Why does it make you sad?”

Trina answered, “Because he knows we’ll never get those things. Mama can’t afford it.”

“What does he want?” Sam asked.

“The train set with the yellow engine.” Trina tugged on Billy’s hand, half pulling him off the bench.

“You seem anxious to go look. What do you want from the window?” Sam smiled. “It must be important.”

“A cell phone. I don’t care which one. I want to call my friends and have them call me. I get left—” Trina didn’t finish her sentence.

Sam rubbed his beard for a few seconds. “Have you tried to ask Santa?”

“I would, but Mama doesn’t have time to take us. She’s too busy working this time of year.” Billy looked enthusiastic. Trina just smirked.

“You don’t have to see him in person. Just ask, he’ll hear,” Sam said.

“I don’t think so,” Billy said, “I’ve tried that before and it doesn’t work.”

“Will you walk me across the street?” Trina asked her brother.

Billy snorted, shrugged, and got off the bench. He walked to the street. Trina started to walk with him, but ran back for a second and whispered, “Don’t get his hopes up. He’ll never get it.” She raced back to catch Billy before he crossed the street.

My human shook his head. “What size coats do you think they wear, Sam?”

“The boy wears a size 4 the girl a 9. I’d buy them a size or two larger.”

My human nodded. “I hope they get something for Christmas that they want.”

Sam remained silent for several seconds before saying, “I want them to get something more important than a train set or a cell phone.”

*  *  *  *  *  *

            Christmas afternoon my human and I were walking in the park when Billy and Trina ran up to us. Both wore new coats that were a little large. Their smiles were wide, but not as wide as the one on my human’s face. I figured out what the two of us had left outside the Wilson’s door. I barked to let them know, but my human just said, “Shsssh.”

We walked to the bench and our Friend Sam was already there. He looked tired, but happy. Two huge bags rested at his feet. “Merry Christmas,” he said as we approached. We answered, “Merry Christmas.”

“The bakery had an extra-large supply of bread to throw away and I intend to see the birds have a great Christmas, too.” Sam patted one of the bags.

Billy plopped down on the bench next to Sam and yelled, “Hooray.” My human and Trina sat on Sam’s other side.

Sam said, “Those are big Christmas smiles.”

“Yep, look at our coats,” Billy said.

“They’re so nice and warm,” Trina added.

“Well that’s good,” Sam got a serious look on his face. “I thought you’d be disappointed.”

“Why?” Trina asked.

Because Santa made a mistake and delivered some of your presents to my house.” Sam opened the second bag lying at his feet. He handed a large gaily wrapped package to Billy and small one to Trina. The wrapping paper tore easily and soon Billy was admiring his new train set … with a yellow engine. Trina held her I-phone in her hand with a grip so tight her fingers turned white. Tears entered her eyes and my humans. And, I admit, mine. Trina looked at Sam and said, “Thank you.”

“Oh, don’t thank me. These really came from Santa. Look,” Sam slid his fingers over the cell and a message appeared. He handed the phone to Trina and she read the e-mail.

“From: S. Claus … To: Billy and Trina Wilson …

I hope you enjoy the wrapped presents. I have two more gifts for you that are far more important. One is hope. The other is belief. As long as you keep these two things in your hearts and minds, anything is possible in your lives.”

*  *  *  *  *
Merry Christmas from Sandy & Author DL Havlin qrcode.32492489 Web Site (2)

Thank goodness it’s over ….. Or is it?

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I'm to pooped to pop. All this black whatever shopping is getting exhausting.

I’m too pooped to pop. All this black whatever shopping is getting exhausting.

Shopping is exhausting. My human’s wife is one of those who looks forward to the insanity know as “Black Friday.” In the past she’d get up early, spend the day after Thanksgiving battling competitive shoppers for the specials, get home, put up her feet, and thank the barons of commerce for the crumbs. AND … She’d be thankful that her ordeal by department store was done for another year.

No longer.

Have you seen the ads on TV? There is no day, occasion, incident, or excuse to flimsy to put the word “black” in front of and use as a ploy to try to extract a few more coins from the beleaguered consumer. Even car dealers are going black – some for the whole month. We now have Black Thanksgiving Eve, Blacker Thanksgiving Morning, Kind-a-black Saturday, Black I-net Monday, and Dark-Gray-Turning-Black-Sunday. The magnetic strips are being worn off credit cards, wallets are being worn out, and both shoppers and shop-keepers patience is worn away.

I guess I should be thankful. At least it reduces the number of political ads on TV.


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This and that ……….

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The Geezer at the Copperfish

The Geezer at the Copperfish

Thank You! Thank You!

A couple of you reminded the Geezer, when he spoke at the Copperfish last night, that I needed my turn at the computer. He’s promised to be more considerate and let me have my paws on the keyboard more frequently.

The Geezer had a most successful trek to the Copperfish. He met lots of folks, both fans and prospective new ones, I’m sure he wowed them with his bullshit, had a great gab session, and (oh, yes) sold and signed a bunch of books.

Another thank you is in order. That’s to the 20,000 plus visitors who have read my blog. Woof, woof. I reached the milestone a few days ago. It’s humbling to this dog and I’ll do my best to continue to make your visits here worth your time.

T’is the season, or at least, it’s close to it. The Geezer will be posting one (or more) of his Christmas Stories on his blog and I’ll be doing the same on this one. Look for them to start right after Thanksgiving.

Finally:    Woof-Arf   Grrr-Arf-Woof.     Translated into Humanese that’s ………………………. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.


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Okay, two more days —

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I'm a raindeer - Did I fool anyone?

I’m a raindeer – Did I fool anyone?

All right – I hear you.  I convinced the Geezer to leave his story, Claus and the Consultant posted on his blog page for two more days. If you haven’t read it yet, try it, you’ll like it. Visit him at     It takes about ten minutes to read, but you’ll find it ten of the best minutes you’ve spent this week.

List #3 for Santa … for my canine friends—

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Sandy looking for Santa

Sandy looking for Santa

I’ve decided I’d better get some more requests off to Santa. This is especially for my canine friends.

For Lucy, one of the neighborhood cocker spaniels – access to her human’s birth control pills. She literally needs litter relief

For Boog and Boob the twin beagles three doors down – Voice lessons by some qualified professional. Santa, Think Celine Dion and Frank Sinatra types, not Lady Gaga or Bruce Springsteen clones. I need some sleep.

For Peter the pointer – The knowledge to know that anything long and black lying on the ground should not be chewed on … that includes snakes, hoses, and heavy duty electric cords. Particularly, electric cords. Very, very much, electric cords.

Also for Peter the Pointer – Hair pieces for bald spots acquired from not having the proper knowledge referred to in the item above.

For Manny my Chihuahua friend – Either longer rear legs or the wisdom to stop dating Great Danes and St. Bernards.

Hang in there Santa, I’ve got more coming!

PS – My human will be posting one of his most popular Christmas stories on his blog tomorrow! It’s had thousands of views in the past – Claus and the Consultant. Click on the link on my post or go to


My Christmas lists #2 – Some tough ones for Santa

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Here’s my second installment for Santa. I plan to mail this off immediately since these wishes will take some time.

#1 – For the store owners and other innocents damaged by looting and malicious destruction of property in Ferguson – Santa how about getting Missouri’s Governor and/or the Federal Government to provide grants to those harmed by the thugs rioting in that city. State and Federal executive branches did little to nothing to stop a predictable disaster and in some cases made it worst by fanning the flames with their emissaries. Don’t we give billions in foreign aid to Middle East countries that hate us? Seems we could re-channel some of that to our Midwest.

#2 – For all the rotund humans I know – Santa ask some prestigious university to develop a “calorie sucker.” It has to be strictly mechanical, not one of those pills that has 45 seconds of a 60 second advertisement explaining the various ways the side effects can kill you. You might start looking at MIT, Santa. I understand at least one of their professors might be looking for side jobs. The guy’s big mouth might be an advantage when testing treated food.

#3 – For those who rely on movies and TV for their entertainment – Santa, please, please, please bring them some actors and actresses who realize there’s more to their profession than being a shill for an agenda and taking their clothes off; writers who don’t keep copying Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games, Dumb and Dumber, Friends, Twilight, and NCIS; directors who lose the keys to the pyrotechnic locker and don’t try to find a new way for flesh to rot off a skeleton; and producers who never have heard of “reality series” and are more interested in entertaining folks than indoctrinating them.

I know those are tough Santa, but do your best.

PS – Santa check my humans blog for his appearance and speaking schedule –


A Chistmas present and some laughs for all of you!

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It’s getting close to the time old Santa will hitch the reindeer to the sleigh, pack his sack with goodies and leave the North Pole for places south.  I’ve been busy helping the Geezer with his book signings, decorate for the season and finding presents for his family and friends.  My blogging hasn’t been as frequent as I would like, but I promise I’ll do much better after the first of the year.

Speaking of presents, a lot of you have asked me…to ask him…if he would post his short story, “Claus and the Consultant,” so many of you enjoyed three years ago.  It was a Christmas present to all his friends, family and readers.  It’s hilarious. It’s back.  Go to  his blog at  or his web site at  to read and laugh!

The Geezer and I have been doing so many things, I thought I’d post some of the pictures and captions of the events here and talk about them later.  Though I’m sure I’ll write between now and then — MERRY CHRISTMAS — Just in case!



Storytelling by camp fire at Patrick Smith Day

Den and the bird

Den and the bird

Lori, Mike and Dorothy

Lori, Mike and Dorothy

The "grands"

The “grands”

H.O.P.E. Holiday House at Tarpon Lodge

H.O.P.E. Holiday House at Tarpon Lodge



Linda and Larry

Linda and Larry

Pine Island 50th Anniversary

Pine Island 50th Anniversary

September 11 – Why Labor Day? How about No Labor Day?

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     Labor day is over, thank goodness.  It’s a holiday that marks a lot of changes where I live.  For example, hurricane season is about half over.  Hurricane season is something you feel a lot better worrying about as it goes away, rather than the dread of facing the season’s start.  Its one of those least worst situations; like voting for a politician in an election. 
     After Labor Day, cool weather is on the way.  Hooray.  Anticipating that makes me smile.  Human’s think they suffer in the heat.  They moan and groan like a bunch of puppies whose mother has decided to shut down the milk bar for a while.  I’d like those two-legged complaint machines to walk around in a full-length fur coat like mine, during August, and watch them swelter.   
     Ahhh changes!  We’ll have less rain, less mosquitoes, less humidity, more camping trips, more people returning to the ‘hood, and more time outdoors. 
     It marks change all over as I understand.  Other parts of the country see changes in their weather, kids go back to school, and humans change what they wear.   People are getting ready for elections that they hope will make changes.  Why, I’ve even noticed that some folks sigh and become more business-like in everything they do after Labor Day.
     I’ve wondered, why do they call the holiday Labor Day?  No body works on that day.  Why not call it No Labor Day?  Or something more appropriate like, Things Are Going To Change Day?”  The name didn’t make sense to me.  Human’s do many strange things, like throwing away perfectly good bones or driving four blocks to the store for a loaf of bread, then spending a half hour on an exercise machine to lose weight, so little they do surprises me.  Or should…….
     Though I should have known better, I decided to ask the Geezer, “Why do you humans call the first Monday in September, Labor Day?”
     The Geezer grinned, “Lets see, Sandy.  The simplest way to explain it to you is that its a day set aside to honor the working man.”
     I hate it when someone who isn’t any more intelligent than I am “talks down” to me!  You know, like when a politician speaks to you humans.  I fired back, “Oh, how about working women?  How was it set aside?  Did you do it with a bulldozer?  Crane?  What?”
     “Sorry Sandy.”  The Geezer had his I stepped in it this time look firmly affixed to his face.  Unlike a politician, the Geezer is smart enough to know when he’s insulting the individual he’s addressing.  “I owe you a decent answer.  You have to know a little history to understand why they named it Labor Day.  Mind?”
    I sat down, swept one paw across my chest and bowed at the same time.  “Proceed,” I said and resigned myself to one of the Geezer’s long-winded dissertations.
     “It originated back in the 1880’s.”  The old boy changed his look to his Geezerpedia countenance.  “There was a lot of turmoil between labor, business, and government.  Trouble boiled over and some union people were killed by government forces.  Grover Cleveland was president and he wanted to defuse the strife.  He quickly ran a bill through Congress declaring a holiday to recognize “the contributions that labor makes to our country.”  Eventually, the September date chosen was one celebrated by a New York union.  It became the national holiday we celebrate today.  It was supposed to be day of rest and relaxation.  Parades and speeches were a big part of the celebration in its early years, but they’ve faded.  The picnics, sporting events, and the last hurrah to summer just evolved.”
     “That makes sense,” I observed.  “Well partly.  A lot of the things you humans do on that day aren’t rest and relaxation.  Running in races, swimming, playing volleyball, and things like that are…. strenuous.”
     “Remember what Mark Twain said.”  The old boy likes to quote Twain.  The writing giant is one of the Geezer’s favorites.  “Work is what one is obliged to do and play is what one desires to do.”  The Geezer did his best to look literary.  “That’s why sitting at a desk doing accounting is considered work, while risking life and limb in a strenuous effort to climb a mountain is considered play.”  The literary aire faded and he looked like plain old Sam Clemons when he added, “That’s probably not the exact quote, but you can go to Tom Sawyer and look it up if you want.”
     I nodded and smiled.  The more time I spend around humans, the more inconsistent and difficult they are to understand.  Straining the Geezer’s meager mental machinery wouldn’t enlighten my old friend.  How do you explain to unthinking creatures that resting means going to a big cushion and laying down, not cashing cats in the hot sun?  The strange thing is that the species can make up clever tidbits, like that Twain fellow did, that almost make sense of their weird, irrational behavior.  Marathons?  Football games?  Parades?  Yard work?  Badminton?  Is that rest?  You think?
    The Geezer did try to placate me and I appreciated that effort.  To a degree…..   I started to make a snide remark, to tell him that he was sounding like a politician, but I couldn’t do that.  There are some insults you just can’t inflict on a dog or even on a human.



December 31 – Sandy’s New Year Wishes for her friends –

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     Well, old 2009 will be leaving us soon.  My canine friends and I consider it an alright year.  No new houses were erected on the street so our romping areas remained in tact.  Bones still taste the same.  The Chinese didn’t put bad stuff in our food this year.  The politicians haven’t passed a dog turd or farting tax — yet.  Rabies is down, neighborhood dog population is up.  All is right with the canine world or at least its nuetral.
     My human is glad to see old 2009 leave.  The Geezer said, “It started bad, but everyone hoped for lemonade.  All they got were lemons.”  He looked wise and said, “Promptly at midnight I’m going to the toilet and flush it.  Hopefully, anything hanging around from 2009 will head down the drain.”
     Since 2009 wasn’t the best  for my human friends and just so-so for my canine buddies I decided to make some wishes for 2010.
     For Manny the chihuahua – Longer legs or more shorter women in the ‘hood.
     For Mrs. Zoomers – Shades that automatically go down on her windows when she undresses.
     For Gertrude the dachshund – Longer legs or less steps to climb and a bell on Manny’s collar to warn her when he’s coming.
     For the man who lives next door – A beer truck of his very own.
     For Giselle the greyhound – A rabbit that’s runs slow enough for her to catch.
     For Mrs. Gator – A TV remote that only works for her.
     For Heintz the mongrel – For the pizza delivery boy’s pepper spray can to always be empty when he delivers.
     For the Geezer’s friend Harry – That the next woman he marry’s divorce lawyer to be incompetent.
     For Barbie and Lucy our twin cocker spaniels – Matching boyfriends to match their matching food dishes, their matching rhinestone collars, and their matching neurosis.
     For Sparkles human – A really big one! I’m not sure what the big one she’s looking for is, but I sure hope she get’s it so she stops talking about it.
     For Sparkles the Irish setter – A bottle of whiskey, alka-seltzer, and a gag for her human.
      For Melissa Mrs. Gator’s friend – To be sure to read the labels on restroom doors before she enters
      For Fifi the poodle – A groomer with less of a warped sense of humor.
      For Dick the post man – A rear view mirror that doesn’t black out the mail boxes.
      For Sarge the German Shepherd – For his human to leave him with us for a weekend. WOOF! WOOF!
      For the Geezer – Either a TV that only broadcasts good news or less things to throw at it.
      For all dogs – Loving humans for them to own, lots of roadkill, a bones stimulus-bailout program, and flea eradication.
      For all humans – Smooth seas if you sail, clear skies if you fly, level roads if you walk, and honest politicians if you vote.  I at least had to put in one impossibility.
       To all HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!


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