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This year’s Fourth of July is a day for reflection…

Happy 4th of July, Everyone!

Hello fellow Americans! Let me join everyone of you in wishing our wonderful country happy birthday! I’m proud of the place we live. I want to work for its betterment. I want true equality for all people (and canines) and the peace and tranquility that will eventually come with it.

Let’s reflect on how we should get there.

Is using racial hatred as a political tool to SEIZE power a good thing? I’d say not. How about burning down, looting, and beating up anyone who dares think differently than you as a way to pull us together. I don’t think so. Question – Does seeing the type folks doing the trashing of their neighbors hard won homes and businesses make you enthusiastic about becoming best buddies.

How about engaging in a pleasant conversation with someone different from you? Gosh, do you think if we got past the hate most of our media stokes to an inferno we might find we may have more in common than we think? Inviting a family to share dinner will do more to foster brotherhood than tearing down every statue, plaque, and monument in the country.

Let’s see, oh yes, defunding or eliminating the police. Why we can do something better! Let’s eliminate congress, state and local government. They make laws we obviously don’t need. There won’t be an agency to enforce them – just suggest we behave. Good luck with that.

Speaking of defunding, what a bundle of possibilities that opens! A great example! What about defunding colleges and universities? They no longer are places where all ideas are welcomed. No wonder they discourage studying history. The parallels to late 1930s Germany and the USSR are frightening and the Molotov Cocktail throwers being produced in them are scary reminders. (NYU & Harvard?)

It gets down to choices. Which way do you New Yorkers want to see your city?

Macy’s as we love it!

Macy’s converted by ‘the summer of love’








Which would you Seattle residents prefer as an image?

A place of violence, hate, where the rule of the jungle prevails

A beautiful, intellectual place to enjoy life…or









What do you want? This is the year we will have to make a decision. Right now neither is a great choice. It’s a least worst one! Let’s hope we will celebrate another USA Fourth of July celebration in 2021. —- Not the divided States of America, recovering from from a thirty million casualty civil war. —- Not the first USSA celebration of the United Soviet States of America with totalitarian leaders setting off the fireworks. —- Not the Pu Fung American Province of the Peoples Republic of China. Do we really want any of that?




October 19 – Is salsa the only thing made New York City?

       Hi!!  I’m back.  Geezer returned my blog to me.  I’ll fill you in on today’s conversation we had while sitting by the canal.
       “Geezer, is New York City better than the rest of the world?” I asked the old boy.  We were walking to the dock to watch the schools of mullet idly swim around the tanin stained water after our morning TV watching session. 
       “Why did you ask that, Sandy?”  The Geezer looked at me like I was crazy.
       “Oh, it was something that was said on that TV show you watch most mornings.  They were talking about a bunch of women that were angry that another lady was running for vice president.  The people talking on TV made it sound like a disasster.  They said women were wanting to jump out of windows, want to kill the candidate, and the commentators seemed concerned that these women were upset.  It sounded to me that those women more important than others.”
       “They made it sound that way.”  The Geezer stepped down on the dock and plopped his rear onto the seawall.  “Let me answer your question by asking you one.  Do you think you’re inferior to the dogs that live in Naples or Sanibel?”
       “No way!  I’m just as smart, just as ethical, just as good looking, as those hounds.”
       “Sure you are.  How about those that live in Cincinnati, or St. Louis, or Dallas?”  I knew the Geezer was espousing equality, but I wasn’t sure I knew what his end destination would be.
       “I don’t know any dogs from those cities, but I can’t see why there would be any difference between them and me.” 
       The old boy pointed to the plethora of mullet swimming around the canal.  “I wish I had my cast net.  I could toss it once and we’d have fish for a month.”
       “Yuk!  I’m not a fish eating affection-ado.  Let’s get back to the subject.  What’s your point?”
       “Oh, yes.  New York City.  I take it that you wouldn’t feel inferior to a New York City dog, right?”  He looked at me as though he had a hidden agenda.
       “You’re trying to trick me, aren’t you?” I asked.
       I rolled my eyes and tossed my head.  “Okay, I’ll bite.  No, I don’t feel New York City dogs are any better than me.” 
       “And you’d be right!  Those dogs are the same as you and the people that live there are the same as me or Mrs. Gator.  No better, no worse.”  The Geezer lifted his eyebrows.  “I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with New Yorkers.  There’s many brilliant, educated, and wonderful people there.  And, there’s narrow minded, unintelligent, vicious folks in that city, too.  You can say the exact same thing about people in Bokeelia, FL, Walled Lake, MI, or Folsom, CA., and the percentages are similar.  Want to know why many New Yorkers have an attitude?”  Geezer cocked his head to the side.
       I nodded.
       “The networks, publishing companies, and other media organizations are based in New York.  The difference is that people living in that city get more press than the rest of the country, and due to this many, not all,” he paused as he cautioned me, “have deluded themselves that they’re more important than those of us living elsewhere in the country, or for that manner, the world.  They think they’re better educated, smarter, and so on.”
       “Are they?”
       “No.”  Geezer laughed.  “They think they are.  They’d tell you about their Harvard educations, their control of finance, their control of media.  Think about that in terms of whats happening today.  Those folks with their Ivy League degrees and control of Wall Street have created the crisis this country is in.  The rest of us Americans are having to clean up the manure they’ve made.”
       “That’s true.”
       “And, think of this.  All those New Yorkers who are publishers and network mouths want to tell you how they’re for truth and the American way.  Would you call a person that is so intolerant of someone whose ideas are different from theirs that they want to kill them, get physically sick that person has a chance to succeed, and lash out with personal attacks that have nothing to do with the issues, 1. intelligent, or 2. ignorant.”
       “No brainer!  Ignorant.”
       “You win the prize, Sandy.”  The Geezer smirked.  “Still think those folks are better than the rest of we Americans?”
       “Nope.  Let’s talk about something more important than how the New York City ladies are upset with that Palin woman, like the price of manure in China.”