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Go see the Geezer tomorrow! Learn some Florida history.


One of the pioneer houses at the Crowley Museum built in the “Florida’s Forgotten Years” That period is his topic for his appearance at Sandman Book Company tomorrow.

I thought I’d give you a last minute shout!  The Geezer is presenting one of his historical programs tomorrow at the Sandman Book Company near Punta Gorda, FL. It’s located at 16480 Burnt Store Road. He’ll be speaking at 11:00 AM and will be signing his latest novel, The Bait Man.

His talk will be about Florida’s history in the period from the end of the Civil War to World War I. It’s full of interesting information about the people and events that still impact us today. Winds will be to high to fish and the Derby isn’t until after five. It’s a short ride for folks living in Lee or Charlotte Counties. Go visit him – he’d love to see you.


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One that I got to go to …… Book Festivals are fun.


James Engram, organizer of the FGCU History Authors Day and the Charlotte County Family Book Festival with DL

James Abraham, organizer of the FGCU History Authors Day and the Port Charlotte Family Book Fair with DL

I enjoy going to book festivals, art and author events, and speaking appearances that the Geezer attends. It’s fun to meet the readers (and get petted by most of them) and watch the flood of people that pass by. This event, the Port Charlotte Family Book Fair, is one that is new, but will certainly will grow in the future. It has a beautiful setting in Bayshore Park located on Charlotte Harbor and most importantly it has great folks organizing and promoting it. In the picture above is the “father” of this event, James Abraham. May every community be fortunate to be blessed to have a man like James working to improve it. James has “invented” literary events before like the Dearborn Street Book Fair in Englewood, FL. He is a high character individual that wants to help the folks in his community. Nancy Staub handled the History Day program for Florida Gulf Coast University and did an outstanding job of administering the presentations. She had three excellent authors (obviously- The Geezer aka DL Havlin was there.), a fine facility, and a large attendance. Kudos to Nancy! I’m running behind with my blog posts and so is the Geezer. He’s been at the keyboard non-stop recently. He has three books in process, has entered two contests, is taking a class, and is preparing for teaching three. I have to fight to get my paws on the board. Until I can get back on the computer……………

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Help me. Tell the Geezer to let me get my paws on the computer.



"Open Minds - Open Books"

He believes readers are thinkers!

The Geezer is in the middle of a stretch where he is busier than a one armed paper hanger! It means he’s gone a lot and the lap top goes with him. I had a chance to get my paws on it for a few minutes this morning, so I took this opportunity to communicate to all of you. You can help me. He’ll be speaking at The Copperfish Bookstore in Punta Gorda, Florida, Tuesday afternoon, November 24, at 6:00 PM. Go see him (the Geezer is also known as DL Havlin) and tell him to let me get a chance to spend some time on line. You might want to stay and hear him talk. He’ll be speaking about his newest novel, Bully Route Home. If you like history delivered in an entertaining style he’s worth seeing. His book, Bully Route Home deals with bullying and race relations and he calls it, “The past’s portrait of today’s problems.”


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