The “Geezer”


It was a very busy July 4th for us.   At 9:30 AM we loaded into the car with our chairs, sunscreen and bug stray and dressed in our red, white and blue. Bokeelia held it’s annual Independence Day parade starting at 10 AM.  We barely found a spot for our chairs, while the sirens blared from the island’s four fire engine.  We visited with friends with candy raining down around us.  Most of the businesses on the island had floats or some presence, everything from walkers with banners, decorated golf carts, convertibles with beauty queens (and the not so beautiful), boats pulled by all kinds of vehicles, flat bed trailers. Horses little to HUGE.  Well, you know small town parades.  Lots of kids (yeh), scouts, etc.  Lunch was at one of the local restaurants, where I promptly spilled on Mrs. G.  We planned to take the boat out for a spin after lunch but afternoon rains kept us in, so we opted for a movie, “Independence Day”.  After hot dogs on the grill with the trimmings, we headed to the other end of the island for fireworks.

A BIG – Thank You – to our armed forces for making it possible for me and my family to have a great “4th of July – Independence Day” celebration!


7 thoughts on “The “Geezer”

  1. I couldnt get the 29th off no more slots avail and I was hoping someone would reschedule but noone did. So We need to get out fishing sometime or at least hit up Philly junction for a cheese steak!! it sounds like youve got a ton of time on your hands lol so lets make it happen

  2. Hey There Geezer ~ Saw your msg on my blog. Finally got time to check yours out, including your author’s page. Loved what you said about writing and look forward to reading your work. BTW, you have a beautiful blonde there in Sandy. Max says ‘hi.’ ~ Lori

  3. Hi Mr Havlin…. err, Geezer. I just finished the book you gave me. (This is your super nice nurse from the Derm office… modest much?) Thank you so much for giving me a chance to read something that i’ve been able to tell many friends and family members about. Your charactor, Ben Callison on the other hand, I would have prefered to burn personally at the stake. =)

    Thanks again for taking my nose out of the e-reader for a while, nothing like a good old fashioned book to soothe the soul.

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