Welcome to Sandy Says !!!


A Website dedicated to what this dog wants to share with you and what you think about it.

Hi, I’m Sandy,

I’m an opinionated Golden Retriever who isn’t afraid to bark to express myself.  I live in a canal front home in SW Florida with my human.  Before you ask, I’m the boss, but I let him think he is.  Each morning we sit on our dock watching fish jump, manatees cavort, Ospreys ride the wind currents, and…talk.  We agree most of the time, but he’s an old codger and being a human male, he’s strange.  I call him the Geezer Gator.  Since he’s survived more than 60 years, I figure he’s learned a few things that might help me, so I listen to him.  Gee, he’s been in over 50 countries and has done all kinds of things for a living.  Of course, I know more than he does even though I didn’t go to college.  Anyway, some of these conversations are interesting.  The Geezer and I swap stories, talk about friends, and what’s happening in the world.  We try to keep it light, even humorous, but we have strong and sometimes unconventional views about life and events.  I started this blog because I thought you’d enjoy sharing some of these morning tete-a-tetes.  When the Geezer’s on a coffee break, I’ll sneak my paws across the keyboard and send out the more interesting or funny stuff we talk about.  Maybe there’ll be a picture or two.  The Gator is long-winded, so I’ll keep my messages short.  Hopefully they’ll be 15 minutes or less.  Read them, I think you’ll find yourself laughing, nodding…or have steam rolling out your ears, but either way you’ll enjoy.

Miss Sandy


51 thoughts on “Welcome to Sandy Says !!!

    • HI SANDY, your mama came to see my mama ERNIE and i was glad to see her, she has been friends with my mama since 3rd grade/ she hugged and hugged me. i was so happy cos i love huggs i a a 6mo old english bulldog. and i love hugs and to play. i wish i could see you and i kinow my mama is planning to come to see you. she had surgury yesterday and is felling well today. so until i can see you…..your new friend BIG BAD BUBBA.

  1. well mr. hobbes is jealous that you have figured out how to type without the thumbs! i know he is itching to get at the keyboard!

  2. You’re the first blogging dog I’ve ever met. I have to say, I’m thoroughly impressed by this, especially since I’ve never been able to get any dog to write a blog before. I’ve even tried bribing them with bacon.

  3. The Pup wanted to say ‘thanks for visiting our blog and for your comment’ this morning. He is also jealous that Sandy can type. Pup’s having a hard time learning to walk on a leash loose enough that his human doesn’t fall down. To type! What a goal to strive for!

    Enjoyed reading here; I’ll be back. Thanks again.

    PS: Congratulations on your success as a writer!

  4. Sandy, you make me really glad that the birds can only talk and not type too… I’m also imagining my python trying to write a blog… I think we’d all be sick of hearing about rats and heat rocks!!!

  5. Sandy, you’re wonderful! You resemble the hot, new star in the new movie “Marley and Me”.

    Thanks for entering our blog contest, you just may be the winner!

  6. I put nothing past a goldie, they are the perfect animal…from all 16 golden paws, all girls wish you a great new year Sandy & Geezer!


  7. Hi Sandy- thanks for visiting my blog site and for your comment about Christmas. I must admit, it’s quite unusual hearing from a dog’s point of view.
    Wish you could send some of that nice warm Florida breeze up to Central New York.
    Hope you and the Geezer have a great day!

  8. OMG “Sandy”–the Super Bowl post was quite the gem! Thanks for coming to onpainting and directing us here. We will pass you around like a cheap woman.

  9. Sandy, you do own the place but I must say that I am in the same boat as Geezer Gator. I have two dogs and they boss me around most of the time. I can’t help it, they give me those tricky puppy dog eyes and they leave me defenseless. I try those same eyes on my wife but to no avail. It seems to only work with dogs. You will have to teach me that skill, or is it top doggy secret?

  10. Sandy, Thank you for reading and responding to my post, Vicious dog or man’s best friend? at http://www.carolyncholland.wordpress.com.
    I once had a border collie, Tag, and his most vicious act also was “a tongue slurp applied to any part of a prospective new friends bod.” That is, unless he suspected you were harming a child!
    I do believe dog owners and others can read a dog’s personality. But, like typical parents of the human species, they often don’t want to believe that their dog can do vicious things.
    In the situation I was in when I was attacked, I had read Stoney’s personality and knew not to move or incite him in any way. He set a bad example for other dogs.
    And when I meet a new dog, I quell my fear, hold my hand out palm up, and let the dog come to know who I am.
    You sound like a nice pooch. Keep up the writing. By the way, my alter ego is Cochran Cornell the Cantankerous Cockroach, whose writing is found on my site in the category COCHRAN’S SHENANIGANS. Perhaps you could write to Cochran. He doesn’t have many friends.
    Carolyn C. Holland

  11. Thanks for looking at my blog and podcast Sandy. Say, 22 comments on your welcome page! that’s impressive. I never get comments on my “pages” vs posts. How do you do it?

    Doing my best to keep Babe alive with her Cancer while her young trainee, Marge is still on a search and destroy missin for things sharp and shiny.

    all the best,
    Christopher and collies

  12. Hi Sandy. I’m the one who fell in the fish pond – glad I’m not the only one. Thanks for your sympathetic comment. But mullet, eh? That’s posh. We just get boring old goldfish. Didn’t manage to catch one before the heron made off with the lot. Love your blog by the way. What a cool canine. Harry sends his best.

  13. Thanks for the comment, I’m hoping Ruby can learn to drive before we leave so she can take over on those long hauls! But I’m not crossing my fingers, she’s too focused on herding the neighbors chickens.
    Great blog sandy, Ruby and Zephyr say Hi!

  14. Sandy – wanted to keep you up to date. The K-9 Camp over the weekend went really well. All the dogs and human guests had a full schedule of events, long walks along the lake, boat rides, and family gatherings, a photo shot moment with a professional photographer, and a special moment to play and talk with Martha. Each Dog wanted Darby’s Story book with personally signed copy.

    Next spring the Lodge at BlueLake will have another K-9 Camp. I hope you are doing well.

  15. Sandy,
    I enjoyed reading your blog about thanksgiving! My three dogs would have loved to join you on that table given a chance! Yes Sandy..they rule the roost just like you do! They are being punished at the moment because I shampooed the carpets (because I have this big house, did I mention big house(around 6,000 sq ft) 4 hours to vacuum. They have to stay in the garage because when it rains they want to empty you know what because they don’t want to get their feet wet! I know that living by the water as you do you probably don’t have this problem! I hope that you get an extra treat at Christmas! My dogs always get them, we’ll pretend like it’s something special! Have a Merry Christmas and God Bless you!


  16. Hey Sandy, thanks for commenting on my blog. Everyone knows that CATS RULE!!! But I can respect a dog that has computer skills and blogs… and has a better vocabulary than some people I’ve met. Pretty impressive. You can never make a cat blog. You can’t make them do anything. ‘Cuz, you know, they’re cats. And anyway, everybody knows the true enemy is the bunny rabbit. All plush and furry, with the buck teeth and built-in cuteness factor. You just know those smug bastards are up to no good.

  17. Hi Sandy! Thanks for visiting my blog. I think you’re wonderful. Look forward to reading more. Did you actually like Tim Minchin? I couldn’t tell from your comment.
    In a few days I’ll introduce you to Josie and Roxie. They’ll like you.
    Nancy at “Embracing Myself” (nancygedney.wordpress.com)

  18. Sandy,
    Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment today on my blog! I’ve read a bit here and am quite amused. You’d like Siddhartha (he’s 8)— he thinks camping is completely overrated. He’s a city pup through and through— he wants his sidewalk cafe people watching post over bare ground, rocks, and mud. Sky Harbor, on the contrary thinks camping is quite fun and is quite envious of your boat. She loves the water!

  19. My name is Tango and I’ve sneaked a little paw onto this poota when Mum wasn’t looking, You are very pretty, even if you’re not a collie. Mwah!

  20. I must say I am surprized how dogs nowadays are able to express their views and use the modern media humans provide. Writing a blog while the owner is away instead of chewing dryed fish in the owner´s bed is a very positive effort. Maybe more dogs should do so, or maybe they already do without us knowing it. Good girl.

  21. Sandy, we are new to WP and your blog but we can tell you already we love your blog! You sure are beautiful! Hugs and nose kisses

  22. Sandy you rock!! Good to know that we have a nice healthy canine perspective to teach the human world a thing or three!! Glad you stopped by my blog and made me aware of you!!

  23. Hi Sandy! We are happy to meet you! You look so beautiful and you must live in a lovely place! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a message so we found you!
    Teje & Nero

  24. Well, Sandy, you surely do have a lot to say! Looking forward to reading even more. Tell Geezer thanks for helping you learn how to manipulate the computer to tell your story. It’s good for humans to hear your perspective. Even my momma lets me get online sometimes. I’m a border collie/whippet cross, my mom believes that us mixes that were throw-away dogs are the best in the world. I don’t know about that, I know she really loved her cocker spaniels, too. I’m just glad I don’t have to share her. . .

  25. Sandy, it’s great to meet you. Thank you for stopping by my blog today! Sofie thought you were especially great looking and keeps mentioning how glossy your coat is. You could do hair commercials! TRESemmé, ooo la la!

  26. Sandy, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Imagine my surprise when I saw who Sandy is! I have my own geezer who would not be alive today if Haylee, Abby, and now Luke weren’t there to give him something/someone to live for. Just a word though, listen to th geezer, that is your meal ticket. I will be watching and occasionally throwing a ball. Snowy Queen

  27. I don’t think you’ve seem me yet but I live a couple houses down from you. I’m usually up in my mahogany tree watching what goes on in the neighborhood. The only dog that has found me so far owns Joe Smith as a human – that dog has a nose! Anyway, I’m a cat so by nature I am condescending and usually ignore DOGS as inconsequential. But…. I have to say Sandy you are, as far as dogs go, quite a good example of your breed. I appreciate that you enjoy playing with Murphy, my canine housemate, when you come by and… it’s so hard to say…it’s like coughing up a hairball. You’re a great dog.. ack!

    Captain Jack Sparrow

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