How Reading Makes Me A Better Bear!

Reading makes me a better bear.


Guest post: The Geezer is doing this post for me – Woof, woof!

About four years ago, I’d had enough! Enough of what, you say? Enough of seeing young ‘uns with no interest in reading. I speak to libraries, civic groups, museums, continuing learning groups, and at book stores. After one of my presentations, there are always a few questions posed by audience members and they are often accompanied by young children. My standard question to ‘our future’ is “What is the latest book you’ve read?” The young ones most frequent reaction to the query is to look at me like I’m a Martian.

I’m not a children’s writer. But, if you’re going to criticize, you to be willing to help solve the problem, not add to it. (If any of you know a media person, please quote the last sentence to them.) I wrote “Why Reading Makes Me A Better Bear” for that reason. Its intent is to stimulate young children’s interest in reading. I print them, sell a few at appearances to offset my costs, and give them to schools, libraries, and organizations promoting children’s literacy. So far we’ve given over a 1,000 away. A two page guide at the rear of the book is a guide for adults to work with a young reader to get the most out of the book. (Prepared with the HELP of PhD. in education process.)

Since a lot of us are confined to wherever we call home, I thought this would be a good time to share…….and to hope you’ll share with your friends and family.

  1. Click on the link below  2) Power Point will ask if it can come up on your screen – answer yes  3) At top click on slide show  4) Select from the beginning.

Narated.Why.Reading Makes Me A Better Bear

One page from the book.

Feedback from libraries, etc. has been extremely favorable. If you are a teacher, librarian, or other adult who works with children and want a free copy of the book, go to my web page  http://www.dlhavlin.coom  then click the contact tab and request we ship you one. We’ll ask you for shipping cost ONLY.





2 thoughts on “How Reading Makes Me A Better Bear!

  1. Hi:

    I wrote a fictional tale on a whim as a blog serial. Afterward, I compiled the posts to publish them into a book. I had zero thought about the subject or genre when I started, I was just blogging. Afterward, I realized the books (2 volumes now) would be good for young readers. I used some of my best complex grammar and sometimes-painful sentence structures. This writing is not dumbed-down, but filled with words and grammatical tools of use to the potential writer. It was experiences reading books like this that led me to my love of words, and ultimately to author three books and counting.
    They are totally amateur indie publications, but I hope the content of the stories will hold a reader’s interest long enough to fall for words as I have. They are more appropriate for children over ten years of age or so, due to advanced vocabulary and grammar, and also the realistic portrayal of life and death in the unforgiving Arctic.

    I’d be happy to send a couple copies to you if you’d like to give them away.
    You can email me an address at:

    You can preview the books at Amazon:

    Good on ya for your efforts to help interest youngsters in the written word.


    Scott R. O’Connor
    A/K/A Pazlo

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